Here’s how to get the new wallpaper in iOS 16.5 and watchOS 9.5

Apple has released iOS 16.5 and watchOS 9.5, featuring a brand new wallpaper and watch face. This is how you activate them!

iOS 16.5 wallpaper

iOS 16.5: new wallpaper

Let’s start with iOS 16.5: it includes a new interactive Pride wallpaper. This moves when you unlock your phone, and when you conjure up your notification center. In addition, the wallpaper has a dark mode that switches automatically with iOS.

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You can find the wallpaper in ‘Settings>Wallpaper>Add new wallpaper’. Scroll down here and select the first background at Pride. Then tap on ‘Add’.

watchOS 9.5: new watch face

Pride celebration wallpaper

In the same style as the new Pride wallpaper, you will now find a new Pride watch face on your Apple Watch. This one has the same colorful flow as the background on the iPhone, although the watch face does remind us a bit of a bag of color drop. The colors rotate around the clock, and you can move them further with your finger.

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You can find the Pride watch face in the Watch app, under the ‘Watch faces’ tab. At the top you’ll see “New watch faces” – it’s directly below that. Isn’t he there? Then scroll down to find him in the list under ‘Pride’. Also nice: there is also a matching Pride band for sale in the (online) Apple Store from May 24.

Just update!

To access the new wallpaper and watch face, you’ll need to update your devices first. You do this for your iPhone in ‘Settings>General>Software update’, and for your Watch in the Watch app under ‘General>Software update’. Even if you do not use the new backgrounds, you should do this: the updates close a dangerous leak in Safari.

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