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New: The Google Pixel 7A has just been presented at the global Google I/O Spring Event. Why do you want to choose this Android smartphone, apart from the price? Google itself says that a number of nice, assistive functions on board will make your life a lot easier. Our ears are pricked up, because TechGirl’s credo is not for nothing: tech should make life more fun, beautiful and easier.

Pixel 7A specs

Before we get into those smart assistive features, let’s take a quick look at the specs:

Size 72.9 x 152.4 x 9.0 millimeters
Weight 193 grams
display 6.1 inch, FHD gOLED, 60/90Hz
SoC Google Tensor G2
Rear cameras Main camera: 64MP 4k60 and a viewing angle of 82°
UltraWide: 13MP 4k30 and a viewing angle of 120°
Front camera 13MP 4k30 and a viewing angle of 95°
Memory and storage 8GB / 128GB
Battery and charging speed 4385mAh with 18W charging
7.5W wireless charging
connectivity 5G sub6 / WiFi 6EBT 5.3 diversity
Security Titanium M2

Useful features of the Google Pixel 7A

The Google Pixel 7A is a phone that thinks along with you in a number of ways. Here are three:

Machine learning in the field of speech

The Pixel 7A is equipped with the Tensor G2 processor. Doesn’t tell us much, but it’s the same technology that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro also use. That chip is useful for a number of different things, such as the built-in Machine Learning that makes smart use of speech recognition.

Making phone calls easier with Call Assist, a suite of features that help with everything from calling with Clear Calling to avoiding spammers with Call Screen. At a glance, it shows useful information at relevant moments, such as information about your baggage handling at the airport or when a package will be delivered to your door. With Voice Message Transcription you can read audio messages and vice versa you can also dictate a message to the Assistant to send as an email. That’s handy!


The Pixel 7A’s Adaptive Battery bodes well: it packs 4385mAh, which is fairly standard for today’s phones, but can last well over a day on a single charge. The Adaptive Battery learns what your favorite apps are and ensures that as little energy as possible goes to apps that you rarely use. This way the phone can get through the day as efficiently as possible. If you use the Extreme Battery Saver function, you can even do three days on a single charge. Wow!

Titan M2 security

The Pixel 7A is not only equipped with the Tensor G2, but also with the Titan M2 security chip. Google believes that it has placed several layers of security over the phone. Don’t just think of facial and fingerprint recognition, but also a VPN from Google One. It allows you to protect online activity no matter what app or browser you use. And Pixel comes with a minimum of 5 years of security updates, so that’s a good amount of time for that security to be guaranteed.

Price and availability

The new Google Pixel 7A is for sale for 509 euros in the colors ‘Sea’, ‘Charcoal’, and ‘Snow’. It is immediately available at Coolblue, BelSimpel and the G Store. With the latter you can also choose the variant in ‘Coral’ color. And finally: for 34.99 you can buy the matching case.

Also new: the Google Pixel Tablet

From June 20 you can also expect a new Google tablet on the shelves. The so-called ‘Pixel Tablet’ comes in two versions: the 128GB version and the 256GB version. This tablet is primarily intended for ‘home use’. So on the couch, at the table, while cooking. With a nice video / music, or to follow a recipe. Also worth mentioning: this is the first tablet with a built-in Chromecast, so no hassle with dongles or other connection difficulties. And finally, you should really see the Pixel Tablet as a control panel to control all smart home devices in your house.

When purchasing the Pixel Tablet, you immediately receive a dock with which you can charge the tablet, and it is also a handy stand, for example while cooking. You can purchase the cheapest Tablet+Dock variant for 679 euros, for the other you pay an extra 100 euros.

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