Hans Kraaij Jr has a scoop: Burak Yilmaz away from Fortuna

Hans Crow Jr. had a scoop prior to the kick-off between Excelsior and Fortuna Sittard in Rotterdam: in front of the camera ESPN the reporter reported that Burak Yilmaz will ‘100% definitely leave’ the Limburgers next summer.

Hans Kraaij Jr: Burak Yilmaz ‘100% sure to leave’ at Fortuna Sittard

Today, Yilmaz was no longer present at the match between Excelsior and Fortuna (2-0). He will not “return in any form whatsoever.” It is not yet known whether the Turkish striker will stop completely as a professional, or whether he will start working for another club.

In recent weeks he has already excelled in absence. Yilmaz would be injured, but that is already the third story doing the rounds. After all, earlier people referred to illness and then people talked about ‘technical reasons’. Whether the Turk really suffers from an injury, there are doubts about that and nobody seems to know exactly where the truth lies.

Farewell and regret

The Telegraph recently reported about the situation: “After this season, Yilmaz is under contract with Fortuna for another four seasons, one as a trainer and three in a trainer’s position, but recently shocked the Limburg club with a sudden farewell message on Instagram.” The creases were then ironed out and Burak issued a press statement: “I realize I have caused a stir, but for the next seven games I will be available for the club.” At the moment he is not anyway.

Earlier this weekend, Yilmaz suddenly turned up at his old love OSC Lille, in France. Want to read more about it? Then check this article!

Fortuna Sittard


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