Great Reset architect Yuval Harari slips into Bilderberg through the back door

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World Economic Forum adviser Yuval Noah Harari arrived in Lisbon on Thursday, presumably to take part in the secretive Bilderberg conference, even though he is not on the guest list.

“Yuval Harari was not invited, but he also came to Lisbon,” said independent journalist Frederico Duarte Carvalho, who was on the lookout at Lisbon airport.

Harari’s name is missing from the official list of participants released by the Bilderberg group just before the start of the conference.

Artificial intelligence

Among other things, artificial intelligence will be discussed at the conference, something the Great Reset architect can tell a lot about.

Some 130 world leaders, business magnates and academics will speak behind closed doors for four days on topics ranging from transnational threats and China to the banking system and the war in Ukraine.

Major world events

Although the group claims it is an informal conversation, the meetings have historically preceded major world events such as the Iraq War, the launch of the Euro and the 2008 banking crisis.

Carvalho recently spoke to Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin about this year’s conference:

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