Gifts to yourself that also boost your business Productivity

Giving yourself a good gift is sometimes more than deserved. We would like to look for a reason or excuses; had a birthday, had a bonus or Christmas? All wonderful moments to give yourself a gift. But what is an even better excuse is one that ensures that it also pays for itself. What gifts should you consider? To the gifts that will boost your business productivity. This ensures that the investment will pay for itself sooner or later. Which gifts can you purchase for yourself today without feeling guilty? Read on quick.

Always available

Whether you work as an employee or for yourself; nowadays we are expected to be reachable anytime, anywhere. A phone that does not work properly or whose battery drains very quickly is therefore downright annoying. You can therefore buy the new iPhone 14 without feeling guilty. In terms of telephony, this is the best of the best on the market today. In terms of business functionality, it also has a number of things that are of great added value. For example, it has a very good battery – including a long lifespan – and there is good crash detection. The latter ensures that there is a solution very quickly in the event of an error. Oh yes, and that it looks beautiful, has the best cameras and you can play well on it; that is of course also a bonus!

All suited up


Many people dismiss fashion and – more importantly – ‘style’ as something superficial. Something that is completely unjustified and not smart. Fashion and style are things that are extremely important, especially in the business field. You communicate with your outfit. You go and sell something in old and dirty clothes. It is much more difficult and you will simply be taken less seriously. Investing in a professional, well-fitting and stylish outfit is therefore never wasted money. This too will pay for itself.

Always on time


Okay, this one may be a bit far-fetched, but giving yourself a good watch at least ensures that you are on time for your appointments. But what a watch yields even more is above all an investment in style and class. A good watch is a sign of taste and professionalism. It also shows that you are willing to invest in style and quality. It is often said that a watch is a man’s only real accessory. And perhaps that is very true!

In short, a gift for yourself is actually always a good idea, but if you can also ‘justify it in a business sense’, the knife cuts both ways. Never feel guilty about any of the above purchases, sooner or later you will get out what you put in!

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