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It goes without saying that bacteria and viruses can cause damage to our body.


Recent global events have once again shown how vulnerable humans are and how quickly a disease can spread, sometimes with dramatic consequences. However, we can arm ourselves against various disorders by getting vaccinated. As a baby we already receive various vaccinations, so that we are protected against a number of life-threatening diseases. At a later age, new dangers often lurk, which we can largely avoid through vaccination. People in vulnerable target groups in particular are advised to come and get an injection.


For the record: we are not just talking about COVID-19 here, because there are of course many more dangers to our health. The pneumococci are a good example of this. These are bacteria that can be found in the nasal and pharynx. A healthy person with sufficient resistance usually does not or hardly become ill, but if that resistance is weakened, some of these pneumococcal bacteria can be harmful. It is therefore important to pay attention to hygiene and a healthy lifestyle (healthy food, exercise, no smoking). In addition, the pneumococcal vaccination offers a solution and protects on average about five years against the symptoms of the disease that pneumococcal bacteria can cause. If you are infected, you run the risk of fever and a respiratory infection. Even severe pneumonia or blood poisoning can occur.

Age limit

As with many vaccinations, an age limit is also used for the pneumococcal vaccine. Everyone from the age of sixty is advised to get the shot. When someone receives an invitation from their GP to get the vaccine, it is free. Those who opt for vaccination against pneumococci on their own initiative will have to pay a contribution for this themselves. Depending on the personal circumstances and the type of health insurance, the health insurer may pay all or part of these costs. Consult the website for information about this.

Combination of factors

People who have contracted lung covid are probably more susceptible to pneumococci. Incidentally, the RIVM calls it wise to also get the pneumococcal shot if you have already been vaccinated against COVID-19. The corona vaccination does not protect against pneumococci. In addition, a new infection of another virus or bacteria in an already damaged lung can be more serious. In such cases, the recovery phase may take longer or be more difficult. In 2018, the Health Council recommended protecting everyone aged 60 to 80 against pneumococci by means of vaccinations.

Source: is an initiative of MSD Netherlands.

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