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The Garmin Edge 1040 is the successor to the popular Garmin Edge 1030. There is a standard version, a solar version and a bundle available. This cycling computer is currently the best cycling computer on the market. With the various training functions, navigation functions, safety functions and options for pairing, it is an ideal cycling computer for triathletes.


  • Extra long battery life (Especially with the solar version)
  • Many training functions
  • Navigation possible
  • Large and easy to read screen

About this bike computer

If you would like to purchase a cycling computer that is as complete as possible in terms of functions, the Garmin Edge 1040 is really the cycling computer for you. You can choose from three different versions, the standard, solar and the bundle. You can use this bicycle navigation system to cycle and navigate routes. There are also many functions that you can use to optimize your performance.

Buy Garmin Edge 1040: Best prices and offers

Are you planning to purchase the Garmin Edge 1040? Then it is good to know that there are two different models available. For example, you have the Garmin Edge 1040 and the Edge 1040 Solar. The Edge Solar has a longer battery life. A special bundle is also available. In the lists below you can see the products at different webshops. The lowest priced item is displayed first. The new prizes are collected daily.

In addition to the Edge 1040, all versions also contain two mounts (a standard version and an extended mount with which you can attach the bike computer to your bike), a USB cable, a mounting cable and documentation.

Garmin Edge 1040

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar

Edge 1040 bundle

In addition to the Edge 1040, the bundle also includes a speed sensor, a cadence sensor and an HRM Dual.

Watch the Garmin Edge 1040 in a video

Edge 1040: Standard, solar and bundle

There are three different versions of the Edge 1040 available, namely the standard, the solar version and the bundle. The difference between the standard and the solar version is in the battery life. Below you will find the battery life of the different versions. The bundle includes the standard Edge 1040.

What is the battery life of the standard version and the solar version?

The cycle computer’s battery life can be affected by several factors. You can think of the functions you use on the bike computer and the way in which you use these functions. In the Garmin Edge 1040 user manual, the following 13 points are mentioned as points that influence the battery life:

Institutions Low battery saver Mid demand
GPS settings GPS GPS Multi GNSS Multi Band Multi GNSS Multi Band
Data recording interval Smart 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec
Quantity of linked ANT sensors 0 2 2 4
ANT sensor type na Speed ​​and cadence meter Speed ​​and cadence meter Speed ​​and cadence monitor, heart rate monitor and power meter
Smartphone paired and connected No Yes Yes Yes
LiveTrack function enabled No Yes Yes Yes
Backlight brightness Automatically Reduced (set yourself) Automatically Automatically
Backlight timeout Stays on 15 seconds (set yourself) Stays on Stays on
Received notifications per hour 0 4 4 8
User screen actions per hour 5 10 10 15
Configuration user interface Activity Timer Page Activity Timer Page Activity Timer Page Folder Page
Following a route No Yes No Yes
Estimated battery life without solar Up to 90 hours Up to 70 hours Up to 40 hours Up to 35 hours
Estimated battery life with solar Up to 180 hours Up to 100 hours Up to 50 hours Up to 50 hours

Good to know: The estimated battery life of the Edge 1040 Solar assumes you are cycling during the day in conditions with 75,000 lux. Point the screen at the sunlight to extend the battery life of the cycle computer. If necessary, view the extra battery time you have obtained from the solar energy on the solar data page.

Edge 1040 for different types of cyclists

The Edge 1040 is a cycling computer that is suitable for different types of cyclists. Mountain bikers can use the Trailforks app with MTB routes and the Forksight mode that can display approaching forks on a mountain bike trail. MTB Dynamics also displays mountain bike data. At Grit you can see the degree of difficulty of a mountain bike ride and at Flow you can see how smoothly you go over the MTB course.
There are various navigation functions for the cyclist who likes to cycle new routes or for the cyclist who is going on a cycling holiday or has planned a nice bikepacking trip.

Garmin Edge 1040 for triathletes: These features make this cycling computer suitable for the triathlete

The Edge 1040 is a cycling computer for different types of cyclists and especially for triathletes. Below we have listed a number of functions that can certainly be of interest to the triathlete. Here we have not gone into all the navigation functions that the Edge 1040 has. Of course you can also use this bike computer to cycle a route, to get back on the right track after a detour, to navigate home and to find useful points on the route.

Other functions

  • Extra long battery life (especially with the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar)
  • Connect to turbo trainers
  • Receive smartphone notification while you are on the go

Training features

  • Nutrition and hydration alerts (notifications when it’s time to eat and drink)
  • Extended data screen (speed, watts, heart rate, etc.)
  • Sync training plans (e.g. from TrainingPeaks)
  • Training status
  • Focus training load
  • Daily recommended workouts

Cycling dynamics (If you also have a power meter)

  • Power phase
  • Pedal center offset
  • Balance between the power you deliver left and right

Features related to your safety and that of your bike

  • Accident detection
  • LiveTrack (selected contacts can follow you live)
  • Help function (sharing location manually in case of emergency or breakdown)
  • Pair with Varia bike lights and rearview radar
  • Bike alarm (goes off when your bike is moved)
  • Warnings for approaching sharp turns

Accessories for the Edge 1040

There are various accessories that you can use in combination with the Edge 1040. These include a heart rate monitor, a speed and cadence meter (which are included when you purchase the bundle). You can use the Garmin Charge Power Pack to double the battery life. A power meter is also a good purchase. With a power meter you can also train on wattage.


The Garmin Edge 1040 is the successor to the Garmin Edge 1030. The new model is currently the best cycling computer on the market in our opinion. You will find all the functions you could wish for on this bike computer. Think of training functions, navigation functions and safety functions. The battery life has also been extended again, the solar version even has a battery with an even longer life!

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