Frenkie de Jong follows ‘restless’ Ajax: “But could be different next season”

Frenkie de Jong still follows Ajax closely, although the current FC Barcelona midfielder was not exactly happy with his performance at his old club this season. The Orange international looks back on things that went wrong, but he still looks positively at the future for the team from Amsterdam.

De Jong saw Ajax struggle this season

“I do see Ajax matches. If possible, I often see it live,” said De Jong in conversation with the NOS. The inhabitants of the capital are experiencing a dramatic season, De Jong knows that that can sometimes happen in football. “It is now a lesser season, but you always have that.”

“A lot of things happened, of course. Trainer gone, director gone. Then it is always restless at a club ”, De Jong summed up. “I think that’s normal.” The game distributor from Arkel realizes that the good feeling can come again soon. “Of course it has been very disappointing this season, but that could be completely different next season.”

Good luck with Barcelona

De Jong himself had a very successful year. With Barcelona he celebrated the championship, with a big lead over arch-rival Real Madrid. The midfielder explains his goals for the near future. “Now continue to develop, get better and hopefully win many more prizes.”

Will Frenkie make the first goal against Valladolid?

7:00 PM

*Odds are subject to change.

Can it be all right again at Ajax next season?

  • Yes really

  • No, the problems are too deep for that

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