Free Heri Heri for All: get a plate of free food this year too

With Keti Koti we commemorate the abolition of slavery on July 1. For the fourth year in a row, Kip Republic does this with tens of thousands of plates of free food, which can be picked up at various locations. With Free Heri Heri for All, the organization wants to commemorate the slavery past with a positive view of the future.

Will you also pick up a sign this year?

Free Heri Heri for All

Fun fact: where all this once started as a local initiative in Amsterdam, Free Heri Heri for All has now grown into a national campaign with an impressive number of participating partner organisations.

Organization KIP Republic hopes to send a clear message with this: there is no room for discrimination and by connecting you will get further. The choice for Heri Heri is no coincidence; Heri Heri originated from what remained on Surinamese plantations and was grown and eaten by the enslaved ancestors.

Extra special: Amsterdam cooks from the Royal Palace

New this year is that supplies for Amsterdam will be made from the Palace Kitchen of the Royal Palace. The state banquets normally prepared there will make way for thousands of Heri Heri plates.

“It is an honor for us that King Willem-Alexander is opening up his kitchen to cook in the Royal Palace Amsterdam Heri Heri. In this way we also hope to support his message to connect together”, says Ayra Kip of KIP Republic.

Locations throughout the Netherlands

The Heri Heri signs will then be distributed at various locations (including Paradiso and Hermitage in Amsterdam). Check out the Free Heri Heri for All website for the full list of participating locations in Amsterdam and beyond.

Good to know: the promotion will take place on both June 30 and July 1 this year.

Delights from the Surinamese kitchen:

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Free Heri Heri for All: this year from the Royal Palace Amsterdam

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