Fortuna W. (sat) sure of promotion playoffs

With two games to go, Fortuna W. (Sat.) can already prepare for the seasonal dessert. VV Jisp also did good business, they turned a deficit at Wherevogels into a victory, which brings the playoffs for the promotion places in sight. For OFC (Sat.), on the other hand, direct relegation has come closer.

ZVC’22 (already relegated) longs for the end of the competition, the merger team lost 0-11 to SDOB. Westzaan also suffered a major defeat, Andijk won 1-8.

3rd class Saturday

Number 2 Fortuna W (sat) played a home game against mid-engine HCSC and won 2-0. As a result, they finish at least in 3rd place, which means they have reached the playoffs for promotion to the 2nd division.

In the lower regions OFC (sat) played the relegation cracker against VVA/Spartaan. The Oostzaners lost 3-4, which means that they are now in a direct relegation place based on a worse goal difference. VVA/Spartaan seems to have an easier program as they still have to play against ZVC’22. The relegated team lost no less than 0-11 to SDOB

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4th grade Saturday

Blauw Wit W is still not definitively safe after the derby against Sporting Krommenie (sat). The Krommenians managed to book a 1-3 victory. In the fight against direct relegation, the 3 points were badly needed for the number 11, as ZCFC and WSV’30 failed to beat their competitors. The Zaanse Oranje lost 3-0 against number 12 Wieringermeer and WSV’30 (sat) was surprised 4-2 by number 10 Alc.Victrix. Relegated RCZ (sat) lost 1-3 against subtopper Kolping Boys.

5th grade Saturday

In a true spectacle, VV Jisp managed to take the 3 points from Purmerend. After trailing 3-1 against competitor Wherevogels, they eventually won 3-4. As a result, the team needs 1 point next week to reach the promotion games to the 4th division. Rood Wit Z (sat) also made it a great football afternoon, despite losing 5-4 to the Kennemers. Westzaan (sat) was clearly a size too small for the number 2 Andijk, it became 1-8


  • Excelsior M–OFC (sun) 3-1
  • ZVC’22 – SDOB 0-11
  • Fortuna W. (Sat) – HCSC 2-0
  • OFC (Sat) – VVA/Spartan 3-4
  • Blauw Wit W – Sp.Krommenie (sat) 1-3
  • Alc.Victrix – WSV’30 (Sat) 4-2
  • RCZ (sat) – Kolping Boys 1-3
  • Wieringermeer – ZCFC 3-0
  • Westzaan (Sat) – Andijk 1-8
  • Wherebirds – Jisp 3-4
  • Kennemers – Red White Z (sat) 5-4

Theo van Vlaanderen Photo: Blauw Wit W – Sp. Krommenie

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