For this particular reason, Love Island contestants wear sunglasses in bed

If you’re a loyal Love Island watcher, you’ve probably noticed that the Islanders sometimes wear sunglasses in bed. Previously we always thought this had to do with the bright lights in the bedroom, but Adam Collard, who participated in season four of Love Island UK, reveals in a podcast what really is the reason why the Love Island participants wear sunglasses wear to bed.

Love Island sunglasses drove early shots
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Love Island

Love Island is, of course, all about you truelove find. Therefore, the participants are all in pairs for most of the program. And that also means that they are almost always in bed with someone else. In fact, the Islanders are all in the same dormitory.

That means not only that you can lie awake at night from a snoring participant, but of course also from a couple who are engaged in an extensive kissing session all night long. And then we haven’t even mentioned the times at which the participants have to get up and go to sleep. Because that’s actually the most special thing of all.

Rise and shine

We have already discussed the times at which the participants should wake up. But in thenotsofitcouple podcast Adam Collard makes a very special revelation about that. He participated in the fourth season of Love Island and says that as contestants they have anything but normal recording times.

“In season four, the first time I competed, Kendall and I went on a Date,” says Adam. “That was of course super romantic, in the dark with all kinds of lights and stuff. But when we went there in the car, it was 4 am.” When we all think they are so cute having a date together in the evening, it is secretly almost morning again.

The best light

The reason behind this is quite logical, but we really did not expect it. “They need the best light for the screens, among other things,” says Adam. “The sleep schedule is pretty much, get up around 1pm and then go back to sleep around 4 or 5am.” Well, we now really understand that the participants are all walking around with sunglasses, because we can’t imagine what bizarre bags you would get from this sleep rhythm.

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