FINALLY with FEYENOORD in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE | Council of Aad #4

Arne Slot’s Feyenoord could well become a sensation in the Champions League. Aad de Mos is so convinced of this that he has friendly but urgent advice for the much sought-after Slot. “Arne, stay at Feyenoord for another year. With Feyenoord’s Champions League performance, you really have the choice of the top clubs,” advises analyst and former trainer De Mos in the latest episode of Raad van Aad.

Aad de Mos has advice for Feyenoord coach Arne Slot

De Mos thinks that Feyenoord will be underestimated in the Champions League next season. “Feyenoord is a team that is better in terms of content than some teams that have a bigger name. Slot plays a bit of Guardiola football. Feyenoord is not yet as brilliant as Manchester City, but a lot more has been spent on that and they have worked on it longer.”

De Mos throws stories from, for example, his friend Dick Advocaat that the current Feyenoord cannot do better. “That is certainly possible, in the Champions League. There you play against opponents who also play offensively and Feyenoord’s game comes out even better than in the Conference and Europa League. I speak from my own experience.”

Simply put, Slot should certainly stay in Rotterdam for at least another year, if it is up to our house analyst. “Don’t go to Tottenham, Arne. That’s a graveyard for trainers. You cannot spend all the money there that the really big clubs such as Liverpool, City and Arsenal can. Arne, so be sensible and wait a year.”

Council of Adam

In Council of Adam, part of the weekly podcast Twee Viertje with Aad, Aad de Mos gives unsolicited but oh so useful advice. Advice that you thought you didn’t need, but could definitely use. You will benefit from it. So listen!

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How far will Feyenoord go with Slot in the Champions League?

  • Winner

  • Finalist

  • Semi-finals

  • Quarterfinals

  • Eighth finals

  • 3rd in the group

  • 4th in the group

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