FIM JuniorGP Valencia: Qualifying results

Kiyano Veijer | photo © Rafa Marrodan

The second round of the 2023 FIM JuniorGP World Championship will be held this weekend at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. The qualifications were on the program on Saturday. All results below.

Event: FIM Junior GP World Championship
Circuit: Circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia
Category: European Talent Cup, JuniorGP, Moto2, Stock
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Session: Qualifications
Conditions: Sunny, +/- 20 degrees

Just like during the first weekend in Estoril, this weekend in Valencia we will again see two young Dutch road racing talents at the start, namely Owen van Trigt and Kiyano Veijer (both European Talent Cup).
Van Trigt qualified thirteenth in Group A on Saturday, while Veijer set the eighteenth lap time in Group B. Van Trigt qualified directly with the fastest 28 drivers who are allowed to participate in the two main races on Sunday anyway. Veijer, on the other hand, will compete in the Last Chance Race on Sunday morning. If the young Staphorster manages to finish in the first two in this seven-lap race, he can still join the 28 already placed participants and also participate in the two main races.

The pole in the European Talent Cup fell prey to Maximo Quiles on Saturday afternoon in Valencia. In the JuniorGP category it was Joel Esteban who was fastest during the two qualifying sessions, the same went for Australian Senna Agius in the Moto2 class and Dani Munoz who once again reigned supreme in the Stock class.

European Talent Cup – Group A (combi Q1-2)

  1. Brian Uriarte | 1’41,828
  2. Guido Pini | +0.016
  3. Rico Salmela | +0.105
  4. Jesus Rios | +0.443
  5. Benat Fernandez | +0.634

13. Trigt’s Owen | +1.662

Full Result: VAL23_ETC-A_Q1-2

European Talent Cup – Group B (combi Q1-2)

  1. Maximo Quiles | 1’41.127
  2. Dodo Boggio | +0.380
  3. Alberto Ferrandez | +0.578
  4. David Gonzalez | +0.704
  5. Giulio Pugliese | +0.732

18. Kiyano Veijer | +3.756

Full Result: VAL23_ETC-B_Q1-2.

FIM JuniorGP (Q2)

  1. Joel Esteban | GAS GAS | 1’39,177
  2. Angel Piqueras | Honda |+0.573
  3. Luca Lunetta | KTM| +0.580
  4. Nico Carraro | GAS GAS | +0.717
  5. David Almansa | KTM| +0.781

Full Result: VAL23_JGP_Q2

Moto2 (combination Q1-2)

  1. Senna Agius | Calex | 1’34,986
  2. Carlos Tatay | Calex | +0.168
  3. Harrison Voight | Calex | +0.477
  4. Yeray Ruiz | Calex | +0.556
  5. Niccolo Antonelli | Calex | +0.585

Full results: VAL23_Moto2_Q1 | VAL23_Moto2_Q2

Stock (combination Q1-2)

  1. Dani Munoz | Yamaha | 1’36,555
  2. Eric Fernandez | Yamaha |+0.857
  3. Dinno Iozzo | Yamaha | +1,554
  4. Adrian Rodriquez | Yamaha | +1.679
  5. Archie McDonald’s | Yamaha | +1,720

Full results: VAL23_Stock_Q1 | VAL23_Stock_Q2
Two races are scheduled for the European Talent Cup and the JuniorGP drivers on Sunday in Valencia. The Moto2 and Stock drivers both come into action once on Sunday.

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