Fast food lover? 8x facts you didn’t know yet

Does your heart beat faster at the idea of ​​a trip to the fast food restaurant? With the following facts about your favorite fast food restaurants, you will not only feed your love, but you will also gain important knowledge.

8x facts about your favorite fast food restaurants

1. Crazy McDonald snacks from around the world

No, there is no McKroket on the menu in Italy and no, Taiwanese tourists cannot get their hands on a McRice Burger in the Netherlands. The range of McDonald’s differs from country to country, which means that you can come across interesting creations elsewhere in the world. For example, you can get a McLobster in Canadian McDonalds branches and you can find spicy paneer wraps in India. In short: check out the local McDonald’s offerings on your next trip.

2. The KFC recipe: top secret

Not that it should be surprising, but the KFC recipe is top secret. Legend has it that Colonel Sanders kept that recipe on a small note in his wallet. The KFC founder has since passed away and today the recipe is kept under lock and key at KFC headquarters, with only a few lucky members of staff knowing the information.

3. About that delicious French fries sauce from the Mac

Everyone knows McDonald’s mustard yellow mayo-like sauce. Although you wouldn’t expect it, it was specially developed for the Dutch and Belgian market. What makes the sauce so good? Mustard, onion powder and dill. You can make them yourself, although you can also buy them ready-made under the name Mad Sauce or American fries sauce.

4. KFC for Christmas

It would be thanks to clever marketing from 1974 that the Japanese flock to KFC buckets at Christmas. Yes: With their “Kentucky for Christmas” slogan, the fast food chain has kept families in Japan nibbling fried chicken (in the run-up to and) at Christmas to this day. We had not seen it coming, although it only increases our fascination with the country.

5. Omg, there’s KFC pizza

In 2019, KFC launched their own Popcorn Chicken Pizza together with Pizza Hut. With mozzarella, KFC’s Popcorn Chicken and corn as toppings, Italians will probably cry at the idea, but something in us says that there is a wildly enthusiastic audience for this.

6. McFlurry: in a category of its own

It would be impossible to write an article about fast food without a special mention of McFlurry, invented in Canada in 1995 – yes, only then. This iconic ice cream is also not sold in the same flavors everywhere. With options such as Bubblegum Squash and Chicken ‘n Waffles, the Dutch offer is still quite good. Flavors that we are quite jealous of include Reese’s, Butterfinger or Boston Cream. TASTY.

7. About the name Big Mac

Is there a more iconic burger name than Big Mac? Nope. The name was coined by Esther Glickstein Rose, a 21-year-old secretary who worked at McDonald’s headquarters in Illinois. According to stories, the young woman was originally laughed at for her suggestion. Yet the name stuck with many and eighteen years later Esther finally received recognition for her contribution. #whoruntheworld?

8. Burger King and their hilarious April Fools joke

In 1998, Burger King announced a special Whopper for left-handed customers. The toppings — the fast food chain explained — were rotated 180 degrees to accommodate left-handed consumers. People came to venues to ask the citizen, not realizing it was a lame April Fool’s joke.

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8 facts about your favorite fast food restaurants that you didn’t know (but want to know)

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