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The new family game Setup was released at the end of March and I would like to tell you more about it in this review. If you like Rummikub, it’s a nice addition to your game cabinet: it’s quick to learn, tactical and a game doesn’t take long. The game with colored numbered tiles can go in any direction. Combine colors and numbers, go up to make the best sets and get as many points as possible with your move. Place your tiles on the game board in such a way that you make multiple sets, because then you score extra points! But beware… don’t play into the hands of your opponents!

setup board game review

Setup is a game from the Bezzerwizzer tube, so fun is guaranteed. Now that my teens are older, we play the Bezzerwizzer party game ‘Hint a Hint’ more and more when their girlfriends come to visit. We received Setup for this review from game importer Asmodee. You can play this with 2 to 4 players, or possibly in teams if there are more of you (we think it’s best with 2 to 4 players).

For what age?

Setup is suitable for children from the age of 8 and of course for adults, just like Rummikub. A basic classic that is present in most games cabinets. And I don’t know about your house, but we used to hate it when it was my dad’s move… he spent hours thinking about the best moves at Rummikub. With Setup you will not be bothered by this. The playing field is smaller and there are fewer tiles in the game, so you don’t have to think very long to figure out what the move with the most points will be for you. So faster to play!

setup board game review
Play along on holiday to Roompot! Always fun and just then you have time to play together. The picture shows the start Setup of the game board.

How long does it take?

A game of Setup takes about 25 minutes according to the box. The first game, when we were still figuring out the rules, we got there. But then we got through the game. And we managed to make our moves in such a way that we quickly made several combinations. As a result, we raked in points very quickly and therefore knew who the winner was in fifteen minutes. If you play with 2 players, your plans can be messed up less by opponents and you will therefore finish sooner than if you play with 3 or 4 players. With 4 people it can also take a little longer than half an hour. Depends if you get good stones after all.

setup board game review
Phew… what would score the most points?

What are the game rules?

Bezzerwizzer has made a video with the rules of the game, in the rule booklet in the box you can find a QR code to view them. Handy, for those who don’t like to read!

We prefer to read how it works and we have also kept the rules of the game next to it during the first game. The video lasts 7 minutes, so we think reading is better and faster.

  • Each player is dealt 4 card tiles and there is an ‘open hand’ of 4, all of which you can choose from. The rest is in a grab bag.
  • Before you start there are 4 random tiles on the playing areas. Each player has 2 ‘bonus squares’, if another player makes a set through ‘your’ bonus squares you get extra points. With fewer than 4 players, the bonus squares of the other colors are ‘neutral’.
  • As with Rummikub, you make sets of either all the same color and consecutive numbers, or the same number in different colors. They must be next to each other, but you can also make them in a row at an angle.
  • You get points for every tile in a set, each tile is 1 point.
  • If someone else builds a set via your ‘bonus box’, you get a point for it.

This makes it all very fun and dynamic. Is someone going to make your exact move? Did someone just take that tile from the shared ‘shelf’ that you wanted to use for your next move? Which combination yields the most sets and therefore points?

setup board game review

In short, a very nice game where you keep puzzling over what will be the best move for you. Each move of another player changes the playing field and may also earn you points.

The box is quite large, by the way, but we had a bag with games in which it fit perfectly. Doesn’t blow away quickly, just like Rummikub, so also great to play on a windy camping table outside at the table or on your picnic blanket.

Nice and simple!

Do you have a habit of buying a new family game for the family every summer vacation? Then this is definitely recommended where you can enjoy the entire holiday. Setup is not boring. The price is just under 30 euros.

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Have you ever played Setup? How did you like it?

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