Exercise at home on the rowing machine: 5 reasons to start now – Tips & tricks

A rowing machine is an excellent piece of equipment to use at home. They are often small to fold, not too expensive and easy to use. In addition, you train your muscles and condition, which only benefits your health.

Are you thinking about buying a rowing machine? Perhaps you are still hesitating between this device and another. Here are 5 good reasons to invest in a home rowing machine.

1. Everyone can row

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, the rowing machine is suitable for every level. The longer you train, the better you will become and you can adjust the rowing machine accordingly. It is suitable for men and women, young and old and it is simple to use.

2. Rowing machines are available for all kinds of purposes

With a rowing machine you train for different goals. You can use it to gain muscle, lose weight, build fitness or prepare for a swimming or running competition.

3. It trains your whole body

Working out on a rowing machine means a workout for your entire body. That makes them different from, say, a bicycle or a treadmill. You train your arms, shoulders, abs and leg muscles. There is only 10% of your muscles that are not strengthened with a rowing machine.

With strong muscles, your posture improves, your skeleton becomes stronger and chronic joint pain is reduced.

4. Minimal stress on the joints

If you exercise on a rowing machine, you adopt a sitting position. The movements are fluid and you never come down hard. You train without weights. This puts much less stress on your joints. When you run, your knees absorb a shock with every step, but that is not the case with the rowing machine.

Rowing machines are therefore ideal for people who suffer from ankles, hips or knees. The chance of getting injured there is also smaller.

5. You burn a lot of calories

By regularly stepping on the rowing machine, you burn a lot of calories. This makes you slimmer and your basal metabolism goes up. Your basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body needs while you rest.

You become slimmer, your muscles become stronger and better formed and your condition improves. These are 3 elements that are particularly important for a healthy and beautiful body.

Rowing machines don’t have to be expensive

It is therefore clear that a rowing machine is an ideal addition for anyone who wants to become fitter and healthier. And you do that without having to leave your home. There are rowing machines for everyone, and in every price range.

Go to AlwaysSporten.nl for more inspiration and help with purchasing the best rowing machine for you. Put it behind the closet or under your bed when you’re not using it. It is a versatile and safe fitness device for the home that you will probably use often.

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