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Are you looking for a nice and atmospheric cocktail bar to get together with friends? Or would you like to start your own cocktail bar? In this article, we’re going to talk about the most important elements of a good cocktail bar, and how to set it up and run it successfully. We will also specifically discuss De Horeca Bazaar and Moscow Mule cups as important aspects for your cocktail bar.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere is one of the most important aspects of a cocktail bar. It should be inviting, yet stylish and cozy at the same time. A well-lit and beautifully decorated bar is therefore essential for creating the right atmosphere. Provide comfortable chairs and sofas, and pay attention to details such as flowers or candles on the table.

The drinks

Of course, a cocktail bar is mainly about the drinks. A good cocktail bar offers a wide selection of high-quality drinks. Moscow Mule cups are indispensable here. Choosing the right cups is therefore very important for the appearance of your bar. Therefore choose the best quality cups from De Horeca Bazaar to serve your Moscow Mule cocktails.

The location

The location of the cocktail bar is also of great importance. A busy street with lots of pedestrians is ideal for good visibility and accessibility. A centrally located place in the city will also be easy for many people to reach. Make sure your bar is easy to find and well served by public transport.

The menu

A well-composed menu with original and creative cocktails is essential for a successful cocktail bar. Try to distinguish yourself from other bars by offering unique and personal creations. Use high-quality ingredients and don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors and combinations.


The staff is an important part of your cocktail bar. Make sure they are friendly, professional and well trained. They must know how to make the cocktails, and how to serve guests properly. It is important that they have good communication skills and problem solving skills.

The marketing

Marketing is crucial to make your cocktail bar known to the public. Use social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, to promote your bar and interact with your followers. Offline marketing, such as flyers and events, can also help raise awareness for your bar.

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