Six months after receiving an investment of 125 million euros to accelerate the energy transition, econic is announcing a name change today. The name change is a result of the international expansion. After an objection to the name was filed, the company, which is active in the Netherlands and Germany, decided to look for an alternative. In that search, they came up with a name that fits even better with the phase the company is in now and the course they are sailing: evoyo.

The journey from home to e-home

Joris Jonker, CEO and founder, speaks of a nice new step. “When we started the company five years ago, the market looked completely different. The group of consumers and installers who were oriented towards the world of heat pumps and solar panels was still very small. Both groups have since grown explosively. But making a home more sustainable is often not easy. As a one-stop-shop that connects homeowners and installation companies, we solve a whole host of obstacles for both parties and at the same time accelerate the energy transition. With evoyo we guide them on their journey to a sustainable home. This message is literally wrapped in our new name: ‘voy’ or ‘voyage’ means ‘go’ or ‘journey’.”

Smart and simple sustainability

The company’s mission remains the same: making homes more sustainable and more sustainable. By entering into digitization and smart partnerships, evoyo wants to make it even easier for consumers and housing corporations, as well as project developers and builders, to turn existing and new-build homes into e-homes. In addition, evoyo takes control of the installation of devices such as heat pumps, solar panels, batteries and charging stations. There is a choice between buying or renting. In the rental proposition, all equipment is installed and maintained for a fixed amount per month.

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