Easy garden, tips for low maintenance and beautiful nature

A lush and vibrant garden is a source of joy and relaxation. Whether you have a large green space or a small balcony, there are countless ways to make the most of your garden. But what if you don’t have a green thumb and want an easy garden that you can enjoy?

In this article we give you tips for setting up an easy garden, including the use of artificial plants and other useful tips to transform your garden into a beautiful oasis of peace and beauty. Without having to do a lot of work.

example of an easy garden on the side of the house

An easy garden that you can still enjoy, 10 tips

Many people think of an easy garden as a garden that is completely covered with tiles. But this is not nearly as simple as it seems, just think of all the weeds that get between the tiles and what you have to remove, for example.

If you don’t do this regularly, your garden will not look any better and it will still be difficult to really enjoy your garden.

But there are possibilities to set up an easy garden that is cozy and that does not require too much work. Maybe in the beginning to arrange the garden to your liking, but after that you are done with it with a little bit of work.

1. Artificial plants in your garden

Natural-looking green accents in your garden are a must for a nice and relaxed feeling. A fully tiled garden without greenery cannot give you this feeling, no matter how easy you think it is. In addition, we also want to think a bit about nature and the environment, right?

Yet the two also go together, even though you might think they don’t.

Using artificial outdoor plants is a smart way to add instant greenery to your garden without having to worry about maintenance and seasonal changes. This makes setting up and maintaining your garden a lot easier.

Modern artificial plants are designed so realistically that it is difficult to distinguish them from real plants. Place artificial plants in strategic locations in your garden to add color and texture.

Think, for example, of hanging baskets with artificial flowers on your balcony or create a green corner with artificial grass and ornamental grasses. Artificial plants and trees for outdoor use are maintenance-free, durable and offer lasting beauty all year round.

Provided you buy them of good quality, of course. For example, make sure that they are UV resistant so that they do not discolour.

2. Mix artificial and real plants for an easy-care garden

Only artificial plants in your garden is easy, of course, but not very good for the bees and butterflies. What you can do very well is, for example, make a mix of real plants and artificial plants. That way you provide a green simple garden in winter and still some flowers for bees and butterflies.

For example, you can opt for beautiful ornamental grasses in the form of artificial plants and then place some flower bulbs in real soil that provide color in the summer and are good for nature. This way you have the best of both worlds and an easy-to-maintain garden.

3. If you opt for real plants, go for ‘smart’ planting

Choose the right plants in the right place. Selecting the right plants based on the environmental conditions is essential to get the most out of your garden.

Look at the amount of sunlight, soil conditions and humidity in different areas of your yard. Then choose plants that thrive in those specific conditions, which makes maintaining your garden a lot easier.

Don’t forget to also consider the size and growth rate of the plants. Smart planting ensures harmonious growth and minimizes the need for frequent relocation or replacement of plants.

easy garden maintenance

4. Real grass in your garden with a mower

Do you want a low maintenance garden? That does not mean that you should necessarily go for artificial grass. And certainly not that you only have to tile.

You can also just as easily opt for a piece of real grass in the garden, with an automatic lawn mower. we ourselves have a Huskvarna that automatically mows our grass according to schedule. And since we got it, we don’t have to look at anything anymore.

A big advantage of real grass in the garden is that your garden is a lot cooler in the summer than with only tiles.

5. Vertical gardens are easy!

If you have limited garden space, creating a vertical garden is a smart and easy choice.

Use wall mounts, vertical plant bags or stackable plant pots to grow your plants vertically.

This not only saves space, but also creates a beautiful visual effect. Ivy, ferns and hanging ornamentals are perfect for vertical gardens. In between, artificial plants can also be used to create a green wall that requires little maintenance and gives your garden a unique look.

The big advantage of a vertical garden is not only the looks, but also the fact that there are virtually no weeds growing in it, which makes it extra easy.

low maintenance garden with planters

6. Alternate grass with planters

Alternate your grass with a terrace and large planters. By using large planters in different heights, for example, you create more atmosphere in your garden. In addition, a garden gets more depth and therefore appears larger.

Without really having to maintain it a lot, because a well-designed planter with suitable plants and flowers takes care of itself.

7. Garden lighting

Well-placed lighting transforms your garden as soon as the sun goes down. In addition to creating a cozy atmosphere, garden lighting also provides safety by marking paths and stairs.

Installing it is easy if you choose garden lighting that works on solar energy, you just have to put it in the garden and you’re done.

If you go for garden lighting that is wired, installing it is indeed more work. The convenience only arises when your garden is ready and the lighting is controlled automatically.

8. Do you want an easy garden? Choose water features.

A water feature is a wonderful addition to any garden. The sound of running water has a soothing effect and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Consider placing a small fountain, pond, or waterfall in your garden, depending on the space you have available. A water feature also attracts birds and butterflies, bringing your garden to life. Delicious right?

If maintenance of a large pond is not feasible, choose, for example, to build a small pond in a barrel. It requires little maintenance, but it still brings nature one step closer.

Put a nice colorful aquatic plant in it, such as an iris in yellow or purple, and you can easily add color to your garden.

9. Create zones for convenience

Dividing your garden into different functional zones is a great way to make the most of the space and make garden maintenance easy.

Think about how you want to use your garden – you might want a relaxation area, a dining area with weatherproof chairs and a children’s play area.

Use garden furniture, such as comfortable lounge sets and tables, to define different zones. Also integrate artificial plants and decorative elements to visually enhance each zone and create a sense of cohesion.

10. An easy garden requires less maintenance and care

To get the best out of your garden, regular maintenance and care is essential. But the easier you design your garden, the less maintenance you need.

Pay attention to pruning plants, removing weeds and fertilizing the soil. Make sure you understand the specific needs of each plant and adjust the care accordingly.

Artificial plants require no watering or pruning, but an occasional dusting can help keep them looking fresh and vibrant. Don’t forget to regularly inspect your garden for any pests or diseases, so that you can intervene quickly.

With the right approach, you can easily make the most of your garden and create a beautiful outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Artificial plants provide a low-maintenance alternative for adding greenery, while smart planting, vertical gardens and water features maximize space and add aesthetic appeal.

If you alternate the artificial plants with beautiful real flowers, you will also be doing nature a favor, and you will enjoy the color yourself. And really… planting a flower bulb is no effort!

Creating functional zones, along with regular maintenance and care, makes for an easy garden that is a source of joy all year round. So get to work and transform your garden into a beautiful, wonderful place to enjoy and relax.

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