Dutch Minibike Championship on Whit Monday at the AMBC in Staphorst

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The motorcycle club AMBC from Staphorst will traditionally race away again on Whit Monday. As usual, of course, on the well-known circuit De Tippe in Staphorst. This annual event has been taking place in Staphorst since 1994 and has traditionally been held on Whit Monday for the past few decades

In recent years there have been some changes in the organizations that set up the national youth road race. The AMBC has worked for years with the SOBW foundation and then successfully organized the annual moped races. A breeding ground of talent from which dozens of riders moved on to the national and international motorcycle racing classes. In the last few years this has been changed to the NK Junior Moto Racing and from this year the club organizes the ‘Dutch Minibike Championship’.

This organization, the Dutch Minibike Championship, stands for fun and talent development of drivers within the road racing motorsport of the Netherlands. DMC organizes competitions in various classes for both the novice youth and the experienced drivers.

Minibikes, the start of a career in motorsport
Although there is still some talent available, it must be said that in recent years there has been a small dip in the growth of new talent in the region around Staphorst. The AMBC responds to this by organizing a few step-up days every year for novice mini bikers. And you can still drive every Tuesday evening on the well-known De Tippe circuit. This is done under the supervision of qualified instructors. Anyone who is interested and has a child who wants to start racing can come by here and request information. The most famous example that you can cite how you can build a career from the Tippe in Staphorst to the global circuits is of course Collin Veijer from Staphorst at the moment. He once started with weekly training sessions at his home circuit and is now a rider in the Moto3 World Championship.

The classes that will start at the Dutch minibike championship are; The minibike Junior A/ Bambino class. This is the Dutch minibike championship for riders from 6 to 10 years old, the real ‘bambinos’. Intended for getting acquainted with the minibike and the feeling of competition and a good basis for moving on to the junior B or other racing classes.

The minibike Junior B is the class for riders from 9 to 14 years old and the ideal follow-up to the junior A. The most experienced riders can be found in the junior C category. These are the fastest machines without restrictions. Minimum age is 13 years and experience is definitely required in this super fast class.

A new category that has not been seen in Staphorst before are the Ohvale racing classes. The Ohvale is a racing motorcycle that originally comes from Italy, of course, together with Spain, the cradle of racing in Europe. It is an ideal stepping stone on a somewhat larger racing motorcycle after the minibikes. This machine is widely used by well-known drivers as a training engine and in the various training schools in Southern Europe that have been set up there by drivers such as Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi. Three Ohvale classes will compete in the Dutch minibike championship, namely the 110cc, the 160cc and the fastest 190cc.

Local and regional drivers at the start
The AMBC wouldn’t be the AMBC if it wasn’t for something special on this race day. In collaboration with Ohvale importer Deroue racing, a separate Ohvale class will start in Staphorst with only prominent drivers or ex-drivers, mostly from Staphorst, including some (former) Dutch champions. To name a few names, Danny van der Sluis, Karlo Slager and Frank Nieman put on the racing suit once again. Well-known local (former) moped race drivers such as the brothers Bert and André Coster, Pascal Mussche, Henry Compagner and Ivar Wesselink also get on the Ohvale racer this day. In total there will be a starting field of 18 drivers and ex-drivers.

In the junior A minibike class we find a well-known Staphorster motorsport name. This is because Boyd Veijer is riding along. Boyd has some famous relatives because his nephews Kyano and Collin Veijer have already made some name in the motorsport world. Sid veijer’s younger brother has also started his racing career and will start with the bambinos.

As always, access to this AMBC event is free, as is parking, and you can enjoy a drink and a drink through our own AMBC catering. All further necessary information will be published on the AMBC Staphorst website prior to the event.

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