Dua Lipa releases new song for ‘Barbie’ soundtrack on Friday

Dua Lipa will star this summer as one of many Barbies in the new movie about the toy doll. We were told in the first posters for the film that Dua Lipa’s character will be a mermaid Barbie. But that’s not all Dua Lipa will do for the movie. She will also be heard on the soundtrack with a brand new song that will be released this Friday, May 26.

The long-awaited film will be released on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 Barbie in the halls. Director Greta Gerwig took care of the world-famous doll and in the first teaser we already saw that a lot of different Barbies and Kens will be seen in the film. One of them is singer Dua Lipa, who will also be heard on the soundtrack.

Dance The Night

This Friday, May 26, 2023, Dua Lipa will release a brand new song to the world. It’s about the number Dance The Nightwhich will also be heard in the film Barbie. Dua Lipa announced the song with the words:This Barbie has a song coming this week“. This is a nod to the posters of Barbieintroducing each Barbie from the film as:ThisBarbie…“. You can still make these posters yourself via the Barbie Selfie Generator.

Dua Lipa also shared a short excerpt from the song, and we also learn that it was her feet that Barbie-wise remained in heel shape when she steps out of her shoes in the teaser. We also hear a small part from the song in which Dua Lipa sings: “Just come along for the ride“. The song has a retro vibe and wouldn’t be out of place on Dua Lipas most recent album ‘Future Nostalgia’.

Dance The Night will be released Friday 26 May at midnight UK time. This means that the number appears in Belgium at 1 am in the night from Thursday to Friday.

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