Dramatically improve your Photoshop skills with these 5 AI tools

If you still have no idea what artificial intelligence (AI) entails, you have been living under a rock lately. Various services such as ChatGPT and Midjourney have reached the general public, but companies such as Adobe are also filling apps such as Photoshop with artificial intelligence tools.

The possibilities seem endless, from super-fast background removal to changing a facial expression. Thanks to the AI ​​implementation in Photoshop, you can do it all and more. There’s even an AI function that knows if a photo is photoshopped!

5 innovative AI tools in Photoshop

But which innovative AI tools are really indispensable? Here they come.

#1 Neural Filters

The Neural Filters option in Photoshop allows you to completely customize the expression on a person’s face. This is not only super handy, but also a bit creepy. With a few clicks you can put a smile on someone’s face. You can also easily remove acne or transfer makeup from one photo to another. You open the Neural Filters option via Filter.

#2 Sky Replacement

The sky is an important element in many photos. Sometimes a photo feels failed when there are dark clouds in the background. With the (paid) Sky Replacement feature you can easily adjust the weather conditions. Not only can you easily change the weather in Photoshop, but also the time of day. By adjusting the color temperature and brightness you put the dots on the ‘i’.

#3 Refine Edge

With AI, it is very easy to select objects in Photoshop and neatly separate them from the background to edit them or remove them completely. Use a tool to select an object. Then choose Select and mask and click on the left menu bar Brush Refine Edges. Then use the Object Aware mode in the right menu and use the Refine Edge Brush Tool to perfect the crop.

Photoshop Refine Edge

#4 Content-Aware Fill

Photoshop can also easily remove objects from your photo or image. Then the service uses a pinch of AI to fill things up, making it look like the object was never there! The Content-Aware Fill tool isn’t always perfect, but it regularly comes up with amazing results. You conjure up the tool by right-clicking on a selection and choosing Filling while preserving content.

#5 Select object in Photoshop

Selecting objects in a photo is not really easy, especially when the contours are not clearly visible. With Select Subject, Photoshop helps you out. Go to Selecting and choose Subject to let the AI ​​do the hard work. Even if the object isn’t selected quite right, it gives you a good starting point.

Even the real beginners are a pro at Photoshop thanks to these tips

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5 innovative AI tools to dramatically improve your Photoshop skills

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