Donna Kant is one of the most beautiful curly hair in the Netherlands

The Dutch model Donna Kant

Donna is a woman we don’t see much of. With her fantastic appearance she is absolutely a feast for the eyes. We are therefore not surprised that Donna Kant goes through everyday life as a model and travels all over the world for this. She is signed to various modeling agencies in the Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium and Turkey.

As a result, she has been able to do special shoots on pearly white beaches and she also regularly models for clothing brands. But wherever you actually put Donna to shoot, it will definitely deliver a phenomenal result with her light eyes and beautiful curls.

Donna is on fire on Instagram

Donna is also active on Instagram and here she regularly surprises us and her more than 5K followers with the best photos, where her sense of fashion comes up. For example, she posts photos in the most stylish outfits or shows her beautiful figure in a nice bikini. One thing is certain: the photos are certainly not a punishment to look at.

Furthermore, we can also catch a glimpse of Donna’s private life on Instagram. Here you can see that Donna likes to travel abroad and that comes in handy during her life as a model. She has recently traveled to Barcelona, ​​Paris and Crete; where she enjoys the most beautiful beaches and streets in the company of her friends. In short, Donna ticks all the boxes as far as we are concerned. See below a selection of our favorite photos on Instagram of model Donna Kant. And don’t forget to click on follow, because you want to see this curly head from our own soil regularly on your timeline.

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