Doctor about Dutch people who co-operate with perverse terror by Von der Leyen and Schwab: ‘Tack them!’

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Also during the Second World War there was a group that sided with the enemy. It was the NSB led by Anton Mussert. They gave each other the Hitler salute. Instead of ‘Sieg Heil’ they also greeted each other with ‘Hou zee’.

In addition, they wore their own uniform: black with black boots. The youth wore a black short skirt or trousers, a light blue blouse and were united in the Youth Storm, writes doctor Matthijs Schoemacher in a Twitter thread.

“The difference with the current situation was that they were clearly recognizable and openly stated. Just as in war the enemy is recognizable by his uniform. Those who sin against it are executed without trial. Law of war,” says Schoemacher.

Despicable, but open

Those who are currently embroiled in the perverse terror of the European community under Ursula von der Leyen and the madness of Klaus Schwab, and the pandemic hoax of the WHO have formed the government for many years. Reprehensible, but openly, according to the doctor.

The venom, as a result of which our country is still groaning under a dictatorship, is in those opposition parties that have been making this possible for years, by voting along with the governing parties, for whatever reason, contrary to the wishes of their voters, he writes.

Take them on

Rutte mainly depends on people who depend on him, such as mayors. “They are the chief of police, especially the heavily armed riot police, their disgusting Romeos, most of the officials, the state media as well as the press, television with their partisan, one-sided talk shows,” Schoemacher sums up.

“All opportunists, freeloaders, hangers-on, easygoers, handy guys. Those who give little and especially take. Scorning their fellow man, born egoists. They don’t see it anymore. Take them on! Now’s the hour! Be solidarity once!” he calls.

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