Do you hardly ever get feelings for someone? Maybe you are ‘greyromantic’

At the disney princess hears a prince on a white horse, in the books two people eventually find each other and after seven seasons your favorite characters finally come together. Romance seems to be the most important subject within stories. Most people can relate to the characters’ feelings, but there are also people who don’t. This time we are not talking about asexuality, but about greyromanticism.

What does this term mean? And what does it differ from greysexual are? We explain it to you.


Are you one greyromantic? You may have heard the term used before. In the world of sexuality, it lies somewhere between allomantic and aromantic. Being an aromantic means that one can have little or no romantic interest in people apart from sexuality. To be allomantic means to experience all of these feelings. A greyromantic is in between these two.

When are you one greyromantic

The term comes from the English pronunciation gray area, which means ‘something is neither black nor white’. This all sounds quite abstract, but that is greyromanticism also. When you identify yourself with this, you can get romantic feelings for someone, but these will not be intensely present or sometimes not recognizable. It may also be that you do have a sense of romance, but this comes up in very few people.

What about sexuality?

If you a greyromantic does not mean that the same applies in the sexual field. You can have absolutely no feelings for someone and still be sexually attracted to them. A greyromantic often has no problems with it one night stands and may even prefer it. It is and still remains one gray areabut fortunately within sexuality and romance the dividing lines are more blurred.

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Do you hardly ever get feelings for someone? Maybe you are ‘greyromantic’

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