Discover the greenery in the cities of North Holland by bike!

Hymn to North Holland

Christiaan Warger, founder of ‘You probably won’t find it more Dutch than Durgerdam, Marken and the chic Broek in Waterland in the Netherlands. The dike landscape, the characteristic fishermen’s houses on Marken, the small canal houses in Monnickendam and the chic mansions in Broek in Waterland and the traditional Dutch skies and views. You must have seen it once. And what about sounding names such as Uitdam and Zunderdorp. You can cycle past it unnoticed if you don’t look out.

If you are in good shape or if your e-bike has enough range, cycle the extra loop with Volendam and Edam and the cycling party is complete. Long ago, artists from all over the world settled in Volendam. Ask Hotel Spaander about it, to give you a tip right away. However, the authentic fishing village of yesteryear is no more.

At the time, authenticity was synonymous with poverty. And Volendam is no longer that. It is even one of the richest and most successful municipalities in the Netherlands where entrepreneurship and hard work are paramount. And of course making music.

After Volendam follows Edam. Popularly called ‘the Pearl of North Holland’ and also ‘Little Amsterdam’. And that has everything to do with the beauty of the small town. Edam is home to many monuments. Monuments built when Edam was powerful and rich. And the fact that so many are still standing is due to poverty. People simply didn’t have the money to demolish or change anything. From the 1970s, creative minds and people with money from Amsterdam discovered Edam, after which the beautiful buildings were refurbished. The result is a beautiful Old Bowl! In short, plenty to see during this route!’

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