Dining in style: how to spruce up your table with a cutlery set

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We Dutch are a down-to-earth people. We eat a sandwich from our hand and dine with the plate on our lap in front of the TV. But there are those occasions when you really want to show off. During Christmas dinner, for example, or when you organize a nice dinner for friends and/or family. Then the table is neatly set and you do your best to make it all look festive and neat. In addition to beautiful crockery, a beautiful cutlery set can also make a difference in the appearance of the food.

How to set the table according to etiquette?

When you serve a dinner with several courses, it is customary to have the cutlery set ready for all courses. You use this from the outside in according to etiquette. Place the cutlery for the starter on the outside, next to the cutlery for the main course. Then the cutlery for a possible intermediate dish. Place the cutlery for the dessert above the plate or put it down when the dessert is served. For all dishes that come to the table, such as salad, potato dishes, sauces and other side dishes, you naturally use separate cutlery to serve. Place a bottom plate at each place at the table with a nicely folded napkin. You also place the glasses in order at the top of the plate if several wines are served with the dishes.

Which cutlery set do you choose for your dinner?

The choice of a cutlery set is very personal. Some people like sleek and modern, others prefer more processed cutlery. It is customary for noble families and the Royal House to dine with cutlery with the hologram of the king. There are several renowned brands that market beautiful cutlery. Usually you buy this in a cassette. It is suitable for six and sometimes for twelve people. In addition, a cutlery cassette usually contains serving spoons and a salad cutlery. Special knives are usually not part of this. If you want a good set of knives, you can buy them separately.

Also take into account what you are going to eat and who your guests are. A good example is eating pasta with a fork or spoon. Preference may vary from person to person. The same with eating chopsticks for Asian dishes. Not every down-to-earth Dutchman can do this, so make sure you match the cutlery to the (expected) need.

Cutlery set according to the etiquette during the holidays

How do I best maintain my cutlery set?

Although cutlery is generally dishwasher safe, it is advisable to wash your cutlery by hand for a long life. Do this preferably immediately after a meal. This prevents food residues, especially salt and acids, from having an effect on the cutlery. Dry the cutlery immediately after washing and store it in your cutlery drawer or in the cassette. Silver cutlery obviously never goes in the dishwasher related to the vulnerability. Silver and silver-plated cutlery should be polished regularly to keep it nice and shiny. For this you use silver polish and a cloth specially suitable for silver. If you do not do this, the cutlery will become dull.

What is the price of a nice cutlery set?

In principle, you can buy cutlery for any price. Of course, quality plays a role in this. If you choose cutlery from an average store, it will not last as long. You usually buy a cutlery cassette from an A-brand for life. So it is a good investment. Because what could be more fun than festively setting your table with beautiful cutlery when you have something to celebrate or give an important dinner that may depend on a lot.

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