‘Didn’t get a period for four years’

In the latest episode of the YouTube series Open Map Robbert Rodenburg’s top skater Jutta Leerdam is a guest. Jutta talks about her career, insecurities and about her new love, which was not really official during these recordings. She also makes a special revelation about health.

Jutta Leerdam reveals in Open Card: ‘Didn’t get my period for four years’

During the question and answer session, Jutta also talks about her discipline and about her obsession with healthy living and eating. “I ate healthy and not very much, and that was not very good afterwards because I had no strength left. I had already burned all my muscles and I was just exhausted. When I was in the shower I had strands of hair in my hands. It was just too much and I still thought I was doing a good job with that nutrition. I was so good at telling myself ‘you can’t do it’ and then I didn’t.”

When Robbert asks if she got any more strange physical complaints from this obsession with healthy eating, Jutta says: “Yes, I really didn’t get my period for four years. They say that’s normal in sports, but it’s really not normal.”

Watch the interview below:

Jutta & Jake

The blonde was in the news earlier this year because of her relationship with the American YouTuber Jake Paul. She also talks carefully about ‘contact’ in Open Map, but this was not yet allowed to have a name. They seem very happy and Jake has already introduced Jutta in his own YouTube video that has already been viewed more than 800K times, he does this with a real special of 46 minutes. The video starts in the car in which she is introduced, but Jutta also joins a kind of ‘talk show’ where Jake and his friends sit on the couch to talk about the couple. Jutta also tells everything about her life as a skater and they talk about Jake’s image, which Jutta says is not true.

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Jutta Leerdam reveals in Open Card: ‘Didn’t get my period for four years’

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