Delivery drivers earn this salary at the misleading Thuisbezorgd

After reading this article, you will hopefully always tip nicely. Because unlike the CEO who earns three quarters of a million this year at Thuisbezorgd, the bonuses and salary of the delivery drivers are deplorable. Even if the company makes you think not.

Jitse Groen received the green light from the shareholders to grant himself and the other board members a salary increase of 37 percent this year. Inflation of course. The CFO, COO and CCO have to make do with 640,000 euros, while the CEO of parent company Just Eat Take Away will receive no less than 670,000 euros in 2023 for services rendered. Let’s see how that compares to those who provide these services but didn’t receive a raise. On the contrary.

Sham pay or sham?

Even though the deliverers are not ‘false self-employed’ like at UberEats and formerly Deliveroo, Thuisbezorgd is as close as possible to the minimum wage. But if you apply on the website, you would think that the company pays fine. However, there are several catches under this so-called hourly wage of 18.89 euros.

Tip to all applicants: there are two red flags in vacancy texts (except for the cringeworthy terms ‘proactive attitude’ and ‘hands on mentality’, of course). The first is a ‘competitive salary’, which does not state a specific amount. The second red flag is the artificial inflating of the actual wage with all kinds of allowances, without indicating these with figures or conditions. In the case of Thuisbezorgd, the second flag is proudly flying at the head office in Amsterdam.

Unrealistic targets and vague bonuses

Firstly, the so-called hourly wage of 18.89 euros not only includes holiday allowance and “value of vacation days”, but also includes the maximum achievable from the “currently active bonuses” that Thuisbezorgd can decide to adjust at any time. For example, delivery drivers used to receive a surcharge of 1 euro per order delivered during peak hours (which only applies in certain cities). But now the requirements for this order bonus have become unrealistically high.

Nowadays delivery drivers receive a surcharge of 1.50 euros per hour if they deliver more than 2.5 orders per hour. An almost always unattainable goal because of the waiting times and many delays at restaurants. And if they are lucky enough to have to cycle 15 kilometers for an order (which they do not choose themselves), they can forget about this bonus anyway. Moreover, everything strongly depends on the size of the city. In Haarlem it is of course less busy than in Amsterdam; so no or lower peak hour bonuses. There are also allowances that younger employees are not eligible for (such as the city allowance).

The salary of delivery drivers at Thuisbezorgd

If Thuisbezorgd deliverers work with their own bicycle, they will receive a reimbursement of 0.10 euro cents per kilometer or 0.19 euro cents for an e-bike. But that remains a – incidentally perfectly normal – piece of cake on top of the meager basic hourly wage. This is the gross salary of deliverers at Thuisbezorgd without any ‘allowances’.

Age Gross hourly wage
16 €6.20
17 €6.63
18 €7.14
19 €7.65
20 €8.16
21+ €11.16

In other words, the CEO of Just Eat Take Away earns about as much as his delivery drivers’ guaranteed salary per hour of work every ten minutes, even while asleep. Fortunately, they can keep their tip all to themselves.

Also check the salary of pilots at the ailing Transavia. Or see how much the Albert Heijn warehousemen earn.

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Delivery drivers earn this salary at Thuisbezorgd

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