David Vandyck has a positive outlook on the future

David Vandyck positive about the future

David Vandyck has a positive outlook on the future with new single ‘Alles Becomes Better’. Featuring the title track from the album of the same name ‘Light On The Other Side’ David Vandyck has been indispensable on radio in recent months and he also scored his biggest hit in the Ultratop. Never change a winning team, especially when you know that all songs from that recent studio album together account for more than 1 million Spotify streams. For his brand new single ‘Everything Gets Better’ David remains true to his recipe for success and once again collaborated with successful producer Gordon Groothedde (Krezip, Maan, Miss Montreal, eva). “The world we live in is constantly changing, which often makes it difficult for many people to let things go. Yes, I catch myself having a hard time with that too (laughs). You miss the old, but you realize well enough that you just have to let go of that past if you want to move forward in life, because ‘Everything Gets Better’. That is the underlying message that we convey in this positive song, which is also pleasant to listen to”, explains David Vandyck. ‘Everything Gets Better’ released on the Warner Music Benelux label on Friday, May 12, 2023.

David Vandyck Everything Gets Better

West Flemish singer and songwriter

Of 5 successful studio albums, goldAn Summer hit nomination for ‘I live for you’songs that are smoothly played and streamed, live performances and concerts, the West Flemish singer and songwriter plays David Vandyck for several years as a Dutch-speaking pop singer. Not only in Flanders, but also in the Netherlands ‘I Know Better Now’ and ‘Sea Of Fire’ their way to the playlist of NPO 5. ‘Light On The Other Side’, his most played and best-selling song of the past few months, only fueled the fire and the desire to make new music. “I am very grateful to my record company Warner Music Benelux, the people around me and my loyal audience that I can continue to sing, release new songs and perform full time. For me it remains a privilege that I get all the time to make songs and can always work with the very best musicians and producers”, says David Vandyck.

Fresh Dutch pop song

Of ‘Everything Gets Better’ the versatile artist looks positively to the future. “Whatever happens, have faith. That is what you feel very strongly in this song. Let go of the past and embrace the future, because if you can and believe in it, everything will effectively become better. It’s a song with one universal message by heap. Because of the catchy chorus and the contemporary production it is indeed one fresh Dutch pop song, a genre that has now become my trademark. As the first single of something new, this is the perfect track. I am wildly enthusiastic and can hardly wait to sing it during the performances”, beams David Vandyck. Because of the recognisability, but also the live instruments and the stimulating sounds press you after listening to ‘Everything Gets Better‘ by itself on the repeat button. With the warmer temperatures and the sun’s rays in mind, the song gets an extra layer of shine.

The new single ‘Everything gets better’ by David Vandyck will be released by Warner Music Benelux and was digitally available from Friday 12 May 2023.

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