Crypto Price Prediction: Bitcoin Ordinals Gaining Traction and Uwerx Presale Looks Promising

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The market has seen some interesting activity on Bitcoin in recent weeks, especially since the launch of Ordinals in March. These developments have sparked some discussion in the Bitcoin community, but what is important to note is the recent high transaction fees for Bitcoin. Ordinals have provided a temporary reward bump for miners in recent weeks as activity increased, but the landscape doesn’t see this lasting long.

Amidst the chaos with Bitcoin and Ordinals, Uwerx is a new emerging blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the freelance industry. The new project launched its presale and it is the most obvious game on the market if you want to make a profit.

Making a profit with Uwerx (WERX)

Uwerx breaks into the freelance industry with a unique solution to create a platform for freelancers and clients. As the global gig economy continues to grow, there is a need to evolve and find better solutions to existing problems in the industry.

Blockchain is perfect for the industry as it is predicted to become a $455 billion industry by the end of the year. Freelancer Inform reports that freelancers make up about 46.5% of the global workforce, and this statistic understandably includes full-time employees. Workers are starting to see the benefits available to them in the gig economy, but there is still a demand for better platforms than the predominant freelance platforms.

Uwerx’s approach to the market enables it to give more back to freelancers; the platform only charges a 1% flat fee for all transactions. Compared to Fiverr’s 20% and Upwork’s recently updated 10%, Uwerx allows freelancers to keep as much of their money as possible.

Uwerx prioritises intellectual property protection, transparent pricing, and rewarding users for activity on the platform. Other unique features to look out for include personalized matching, built-in collaboration, and dispute resolution tools.

We strongly believe that Uwerx is the second biggest thing for the gig economy, and since the platform offers different ways to make money, it will thrive in the crypto market. WERX, the platform’s native token, is currently on pre-sale, and this is an opportunity to get in early and make some profit.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ordinals

Before the creation of Ordinals, it wasn’t quite conceivable to see Bitcoin harboring NFTs or powering other tokens, but this is an exciting turn of events. Ordinals can exist on Bitcoin as a satoshis numbering protocol. It allows users to make individual satoshis unique in a process called Inscriptions.

After the feature update, we’ve seen users start creating NFTs and tokens on-chain. While this mechanism is nothing like how Ethereum powers the same items, it does exactly what users want.

The Bitcoin blockchain is struggling to perform effectively as more users pour in to monetize these new shiny things, but it will be interesting to see what other updates the Bitcoin community can implement to improve the network. BTC still remains the largest crypto asset, but you will make even more profit by getting WERX in the pre-sale.

Why you should enter uwerx (WERX) presale

The typical strategy for making money in the crypto market is to buy low and sell high, and presale offers you the lowest entry you would ever get for a token. Even better if there’s a solid utility behind the project like Uwerx. With Uwerx’s potential to blow up in the market, early adopters can make huge profits after launch.

WERX is selling for $0.0225 in the pre-sale, and expert price forecasts put the token at $1.5 in the fourth quarter of 2023. The pre-sale price would increase as the pre-sale progresses, so here’s the best price you can enter. There is also a bonus offer of up to 20% extra if you buy now.

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