Constantijn and Laurentien celebrate their anniversary

On May 19, 2001, Prince Constantijn and his great love Laurentien Brinkhorst got married. Today, the two are still very happy with each other and their offspring. What is the secret of their relationship?

Don’t think about it

Constantijn and Laurentien get to know each other in their youth in Brussels. In 1995 they get into a relationship and in December 2000 the big news is there: the youngest son of the then Queen Beatrix is ​​engaged.

At first, Laurentien does not think that she has hooked up with a prince, she once told LINDA. “Of course I was aware that as the third son of the Queen he had a certain role. And that we would not be able to lead an ordinary life. But we had such a connection in heart and soul and head,” says Laurentien. “We lived in Brussels at the time, which also helped. We had our own lives, with work and friends.”

Wedding boat

On May 17, 2001, there is the civil wedding of the couple – on the birthday of future sister-in-law Máxima. Two days later, the two tie the knot in a beautiful church ceremony. Laurentien’s head also has a very special jewel: the famous one bandeau à la Grecqueprobably the oldest tiara in the Orange collection.

Image: © RVD – Jeroen van der Meyde

‘pure compass’

A major force behind their relationship? That is their mutual trust. Last year, the princess already told in conversation with Fidelity: “It is very empowering to be married to someone with a very pure compass. The moment the uncertainty hits me, I can test it with him. And vice versa. We support each other in what we do and will always be honest in our feedback.”

Source: Beau Monde archive | Image: NL Image

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