Confrontation between AZ and West Ham supporters at Alkmaar station, other clubs may also be represented

Prior to the semi-final of the Conference League between AZ and West Ham United, there was a confrontation on Thursday afternoon between the two supporters of both clubs in Alkmaar. In addition, fans of Cambuur and FC Groningen would also have joined the disturbances.

That writes NH News, which speaks of a “grim atmosphere” in the vicinity of Alkmaar station. There, fans of AZ, helped by a delegation of Cambuur supporters, would have had a confrontation with the fans from England who had traveled with them. They would have been assisted by a group of FC Groningen supporters, as the regional medium has also understood from “insiders”.

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Images of the confrontation between the supporters are now also circulating on social media. The Twitter account @hooliganscz1999 reported the presence of a delegation from Groningen just after 3.30 pm.

An eyewitness speaks on Twitter of “a huge blunder by the North Holland Police Unit.” Jan Tervoort writes that there would be “no police to be seen” in the vicinity of the station. However, NH News has understood from a spokesperson that “there was indeed an agent who called for reinforcements.”

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