Club Brugge is once again under considerable pressure today (from its own fans): this is where the rivalry comes from

Last week’s match hurt the fans of Club Brugge. After all, the rivalry between the two teams is great. ‘Everyone can become champions except Antwerp’, the blue-black fans say.

The Club fans have called on the players to give their all one last time. Seeing Antwerp win a decisive match in the title fight, they are horrified by that. But where does that rivalry come from?

Het Nieuwsblad researched it and came out on February 9, 1908: Club Brugge-Antwerp. The home team won 2-1 that day, but after the match hundreds of Bruges fans gathered at the exit and pelted the Antwerp players with stones, mud and grass clogs.

Three Antwerp players get isolated and get hit hard. Midfielder Jules Suetens is even found unconscious in the canal after the riots. The Antwerp players had to escape with the car of Club chairman Alphons Demeulemeester.

That day has lingered in the memory and the hatred between the two has been particularly great ever since.

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