Clever ways to brighten up your walls in your home

Does the style of the walls in your home no longer match your personal taste? Are you looking for ways to brighten up your walls without having to repaint them? You have several options!

For example, are you already familiar with modern mosaic tiles? These tiles can hardly be distinguished from real tiles and are self-adhesive. It makes attaching it to your walls very easy; you don’t need a tiler and you can finish refurbishing your walls relatively quickly. Minor damage is a thing of the past with these tiles. The choice of many different models of mosaic tiles means that you will always find a variant that fits your taste and the rest of the interior in rooms in terms of style. Also handy, you don’t have to add these tiles anymore!

Get started with 3D wall panels at home

Not only the use of mosaic tiles can be interesting when refurbishing the walls in your home. Also take a look at the application of 3D wall panels. Did you know that these wall panels can not only be used inside your home, but also outside? This way you can give the facade of your house a new look in no time. The wall panels are made of different materials. Have a look at a party like, where you will find a wide range of types of wall panels. Choose between wall panels with pieces of brick, wooden wall panels and, for example, wall panels with a marble look. Which of these options best suits your interior?

Find inspiration online for the application of wall panels

The use of wall panels and, for example, stone or wooden strips has become increasingly popular in recent years. Regular attention is paid to it in the various television programs about interior and furnishing. Take a look at a platform like Pinterest or Instagram, for example; here people share hundreds of photos of their interior, in which they have used these strips and panels. It gives you a good idea of ​​its effect.

Make your own photo frame mosaic

An alternative to using wall panels and, for example, mosaic tiles is the option of making a mosaic from photo frames. It is nice to vary in the size of the photo frames. For example, combine two larger lists with three to five small lists. Don’t hang them too tightly next to each other, but create a playful shape.

Fill the frames with a large photo, which you then cut into smaller pieces to distribute over the frames. An alternative is to use separate photos. In the latter case, make sure that the style and use of color in these photos is somewhat similar. You want to prevent the walls from getting a very messy look because of such a mosaic.

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