Clasie saw many opportunities: “It’s a shame”

Jordy Clasie is disappointed that his AZ is not in the final of the Conference League. The experienced midfielder and captain saw that his team had a lot of chances, but did nothing with them. “If you don’t get anything, you can still try so much. We’ve had so many chances. Deadly sin!”

Clasie’s reaction to AZ’s loss to West Ham (0-1)

Clasie contributes Veronica indicated that he was not very dissatisfied with the game of his team. “We tried to stay in the game as long as possible and we succeeded. They did park the bus quite a bit. From minute 2 they already started stretching time. Then you have to play your own game even more and I thought we did.”

However, that own game did not yield any goals. “They killed the game and we couldn’t take advantage while we still had some good chances. We couldn’t get through them, but those few times you just have to shoot them. We did everything to go for that goal, but it was not enough. In the end everyone was physically empty and we still gave away a lot of space. Then you end up losing 0-1.

Good analysis of Clasie?

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