Cheap subscription Netflix generates mass subscribers and money

Netflix recently introduced a cheaper subscription for its customers, and that turns out to be a masterstroke. The company behind the streaming service has made a giant leap on the stock market. This is reported by ANP.

Earlier this year, Netflix lost another huge chunk of users, which was due to the new account strategy. But perseverance wins, as the stock market once again shows.

Cheap subscription attracts 5 million new users

Netflix was a big winner on Wall Street on Thursday. Investors put the streaming service more than 9 percent higher after it was announced that its cheaper subscription, in which people are also presented with advertisements, has already attracted about 5 million users six months after its launch.

Last year, Netflix suffered massive subscriber losses, partly because people cut back on streaming services due to high inflation. That is why the American company came up with a cheaper subscription. Those who are willing to watch commercials in between pay less than half the normal subscription price. This cheaper option is not yet available in the Netherlands.

After Netflix, HBO Max also comes with advertisements

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service to juggle with a cheap plan and ads. HBO Max also comes with a series of new subscriptions, which coincide with the transition to Max. Read the first price indications and types of subscriptions in this article. For the time being, this also concerns the United States, with the Netherlands following later.

We predict that it won’t be long before there are only streaming services with ads, just like YouTube. Quickly binge watch these mini-series on Netflix without commercials in between.

What about Disney+?

To round out the big three, what about Disney+, which once had such pious promises when it came to advertising? Well, like Netflix and HBO Max, this streaming service has long since retracted that promise. Learn more about the big-eared service’s custom subscriptions here.

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Cheap subscription Netflix generates mass subscribers and money

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