ChatGPT is the perfect Siri alternative for your iPhone

ChatGPT remains one of the most popular technical developments in recent years. Even though the AI ​​search engine is still far from perfect. Still, there are a lot of nice applications that you can use ChatGPT for. One of them has something to do with the iPhone, and Siri isn’t too happy about that.

You can exchange Apple’s faithful voice control for ChatGPT. With a few simple steps you can connect the AI ​​technology to your iPhone and all your smart home devices. Apple is also aware of this and, like Google and Microsoft, is developing a new version of Siri, similar to ChatGPT.

Replace Siri for ChatGPT in 3 steps

ChatGPT is very easy to connect to your iPhone. We will explain it to you in detail via the step-by-step plan below. Don’t worry: Siri is still leading, so you really don’t have to miss it.

1. Create an OpenAI account

To connect ChatGPT you need to have an OpenAI account. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily create it via this link. Next you need an API key. This is a kind of digital code that allows different software to communicate with each other. You can then retrieve it via this link.

2. Set up ChatGPT shortcut

Now that this is done you need to install a shortcut designed by Yue Yang. You can find them on this page. Select ‘get job’ and paste your API key into the text field. Tap the Add Shortcut option. The series name is now ‘Siri, ChatGPT 1.2’.

3. Change the name

The developer advises users to replace the bot’s name with something simpler. For example for ‘Siri, ChatGPT’, or another word that you can easily pronounce.

That went fast right? According to Yue Yang, you can use ChatGPT as Siri on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Siri is still the iPhone’s leading assistant. The AI ​​search engine only appears if you ask Siri. If you want more instructions, check out the video below.

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ChatGPT is the perfect Siri alternative for your iPhone (and here’s how to fix it)

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