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Unexpected profit for Zoom – Emerce

News – 23 May 2023 – 06:33 Zoom Video Communications reported unexpectedly better figures in the first quarter. The American company posted a net profit of $ 15.4 million, or $ 0.05 earnings per share. Analysts had expected a loss. Sales improved year-over-year from $1.07 billion to $1.11 billion. For …

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7x sports with your mind

You can learn to experience sports in a different, more holistic way with these tips from Angélique Heijligers. This way you also turn your workout into an inner workout. This is an article from the WENDY Body & Mind Special where you can read even more tips and stories about …

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What size should my garden table have?

Available terrace space Before you can choose the perfect luxury garden table, mapping out the available patio space is a crucial factor. Are you redoing your garden? Then you can also turn it around and adjust the size of the terrace to the desired shape and size of your garden …

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Mathias Vergels will play again this summer

Mathias Vergels is facing a busy summer Mathias Vergels will play again this summer at Suikerrock and Parkies concerts and shares ‘Te Mooi Om Waar Te zijn’. It’s almost ‘Too Beautiful To Be True’, but that’s not just the title of the new single that Mathias Vergels will release this …

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