Buying perfume online: how do you do it?

Online you often find the best deals when it comes to buying perfume, so they are usually cheaper online than in the store. So it can certainly pay off to buy your perfumes online, although that is of course also risky if you want to try a new scent because you can’t smell it.

That is why in this article I would like to list a number of tips that will help you to choose a nice scent, even if you cannot smell it. These tips work both for buying perfumes online and for finding a new scent in the store. With these tips you will find the perfect scent for you!

Choose a brand you know

If you are not entirely sure which perfume you want to buy online, it is best to choose brands that you are already familiar with. Brands often have a certain specific style (just think of Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs or Mugler) so that their perfumes usually fit together.

If you know that you love a certain perfume house and don’t know what to buy, it is best to choose the safe option and stick to the regular brands that you know well.

Read the notes

On websites such as Fragrantica you can find the notes of virtually all types of perfumes. For example, if you know that you love fresh scents, then it is best to choose perfumes with fresher notes such as citrus fruits or soft flowers.

By looking up which fragrance notes contain your favorite perfumes, you can much better deduce which other scents you would also like. You can also view similar scents through websites such as Fragrantica. So if you love a certain perfume, it is best to choose something that is in the same line, so you are always sure that you will also like your new fragrance!

Read reviews

You can often learn a lot about a perfume by reading reviews from other people. How do the fragrance notes come across? Is it a strong or a soft scent? Does the perfume last long? You can all deduce these things from reviews so that you immediately know whether it is a good quality scent or not.

Often descriptions of perfume brands are so vague and difficult to understand that it is useful to read everything from the

And not only when shopping online can it pay off to read the reviews, it might also be good to do some research in advance for perfumes that you buy in the store so that you are not faced with any surprises.

Choose a popular scent

Popular scents are often so popular for a reason and usually that is because it is an easy scent that many people automatically like. As a result, you can assume that popular scents can be trusted!

Always look at perfumes to see which age category they are popular with, then you can be sure that you are not choosing an old-fashioned (or childish) scent, but something that fits your age completely.

Need inspiration? I previously wrote an article about the most popular women’s fragrances and I also made a list of the best perfumes for spring. These scents are all very popular so you can assume that they are definitely worth it.

First order a sample / small bottle

Nowadays there are many webshops that offer (free) samples or that sell small bottles. This is the ideal way to try out a scent without having to spend a lot of money on a larger bottle. This is also a nice way to regularly change perfume in a cheap way!

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