Buy binoculars without looking impressed by the gigantic Rituals collection

Last night we were ready for a brand new episode of Buy without Watching. Another wonderful episode, with of course a beautiful abode as the end result. However, there was one thing that left viewers quite puzzled.

buy without watching rituals

Emmanuel and Charissa

The 33-year-old Emanuel and 26-year-old Charissa were the right duo to buy a new house last night. The Buying Without Watching team was ready to find a home for the couple who work from home a lot. A considerable task, since the wishes of the two differ enormously.

Together they are looking for a single-family home with three bedrooms and a garden for a budget of € 410,000. However, according to Charissa, her boyfriend is a dreamer and has no realistic view of the options within the budget. “I think he thinks we’re going to buy a house for a million, but we have to do that with a slightly smaller budget.”

Positive reactions on Twitter

In Buying without Watching, not every purchase goes without a hitch, including in this episode. Broker Alex therefore had to use the concession clock, a new addition to the program. And in the end they still manage to buy a beautiful house. Final score: Charissa and Emanuel are thrilled with their new home.

According to viewers on Twitter, it was another wonderful episode. Not only are the compliments for the couple flying around us, rather hilarious photos of the couple’s old house are also emerging. In their ‘old’ abode there is a rather special collection.

Rituals addiction

One collects stamps, the other Pokémon cards, but Charrisa collects… Rituals products. “Charissa has more of Rituals than the average store,” it says on Twitter. One thing we know for sure: the couple’s brand new house will smell wonderful.

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