B&B Vol Liefde Belgium is on Videoland from today

While we anxiously await the latest season of B&B Vol Liefde, Videoland manages to surprise us with some very nice news. There is also a Belgian version of the program. And yes, it is on Videoland from today.

belgian b&b full of love

B&B Full of Love

If you are not yet familiar with B&B Vol Liefde, we will update you. The program is about bed and breakfast owners who are looking for love. During the love affair, people open up to a nice partner from the Netherlands. And, who knows, they might want to share their lives with someone soon.

Naturally, this search is accompanied by awkward moments, awkward dates, conflicts, special situations and romantic moments. In short: enough viewing food. Videoland shares an episode of this series four days a week – and that was delicious time and time again last season.

Belgian variant

After a successful season last summer, we can enjoy a brand new season again next summer. And while we wait for that, Videoland is launching something very nice. There is a Belgian version of B&B Vol Liefde that will appear on Videoland from today (May 18). All episodes appear on the streaming service at once, so we can non-stop binge.

In this season we see Flemish B&B owners who go in search of love from France. Isabel, Arno, Dirk, Kaylee, Marc and Nicolas all receive four or five potential love partners, with whom they have to find out whether there is love. And all under the name: B&B Searches Sweet.

Dutch B&B Full of Love

We still have to be patient for the Dutch version of the program, as it will appear on the streaming service from July 11. Unfortunately, not all 32 episodes of this season will appear at once, so your patience will be tested here.

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