Bamboo desks that effortlessly take your workflow to the next level

bamboo desk

A bamboo desk offers you next level quality and durability. A nice professional flow and a degree of comfort to say the least; all while you’re at work. We are talking about an electric sit-stand desk with a solid bamboo desktop. A sit-stand desk allows you – as the word describes – to work both sitting and standing. You can also switch between the two. It’s about giving your body what it needs.

It is known that the fast-growing plant bamboo is an extremely strong type of wood. It is used in many different contexts and in many ways because of the great versatility of the plant: in the kitchen, for textiles,

In Asia, bamboo was even used as a precursor to paper for writing. In our fast-growing society in which we use the screen a lot these days, a bamboo desktop is an effective replacement for this age-old writing surface.

In addition, the cultivation of bamboo all over the planet is a very ecologically friendly process. With your bamboo desk you prove that you take the sustainable approach into account, both in terms of your own health and that of your environment.

The Toka series

Within the Toka series there is both a PRO and a SMART edition, each with specific properties that meet high quality values. With two to three step legs you can reach a height of 130 cm. Depending on your height, you can choose one or the other. They both count on a powerful double motor that smoothly increases job satisfaction and efficiency. In addition, they both have a high movement speed. Finally, they have a Touch Controller that, thanks to its memory functions, helps you quickly reach your ideal height, both sitting and standing. It is essential that it is about top quality; Ergonomics is no longer a luxury in a world where we like to combine health, efficiency and comfort.

Work much healthier

Using an electric sit-stand desk means opting for sustainability. Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. In any case, it is wise to limit the number of sitting hours to the bare minimum. In addition, we want to be as comfortable as possible when working and protect our body from potential discomfort, pain or damage. That is why an ergonomic sit-stand desk is highly recommended. With a high low desk, which is the same, you can make the necessary adjustments so that your work experience becomes one that combines health and efficiency. In short; a completely new and satisfying flow.

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