Baby slippers for the first steps: 5 tips!

I remember like it was yesterday when Farah took her first steps. What a milestone that was. To be honest, I missed her first real steps. She made it at daycare. While we thought the lady couldn’t walk yet, we were sent videos that proved the opposite. At home she mainly walked in slippers. Her socks were too slippery and she slipped. But which baby shoes are useful if you can just walk?

There are many types of baby shoes. But which slippers are the most ideal when your child starts walking? There are a number of things you should pay attention to when purchasing baby slippers for the first steps. I have listed 5 tips for you.

Go for baby slippers with soft non-slip soles

Tough Nike sneakers naturally look very nice on your little one, but according to orthopedists, children can best learn to walk on slippers with soft anti-slip soles. So choose soft baby slippers and not baby shoes.

The non-slip sole grips the toes so they don’t slip and the soft sole ensures they feel exactly where they step. As a result, they are less inclined to look down and walk in a better posture while optimizing their coordination and balance. Baby shoes with soft soles also ensure that the muscles in the arches of the feet become strong.

Choose baby slippers with an elastic edge

It is also important to buy slippers that stay in place and do not shift. Baby slippers with an elastic edge are the solution for this. For first running shoes, it is also not useful to buy them too much on growth. This hinders development and you are constantly looking for a bootie… 😉

Prevent sweaty feet with leather baby slippers

Because your little one will wear baby slippers all day long, it is nice to choose breathable material. Leather baby slippers ensure that your little one does not get sweaty feet. No smelly feet and the slippers stay in place!

Choose the right size baby shoes (and measure well!)

Do not buy the baby shoes too much on growth. Then they do not offer the benefits to properly develop the foot and walking. To determine the correct shoe size, it is best to measure the feet when your child is sleeping or when it is completely flat on the floor. It is important to measure the foot from the heel to the big toe. You add 0.5 to 1 cm to this number. Then look online in a table to see which shoe size corresponds to how many cm. You will often find a size chart with the slippers at baby shoe brands. This way you can be sure that you are sitting well!

If your child has a very narrow or wide foot. Take a good look at the width of the slippers. Here, too, they must fit baby shoes well. Certain brands offer a special collection of baby shoes for wide and narrow feet. For example, look here: baby slippers. They also offer baby shoes made of leather, which prevent sweaty feet. Even in their collection of baby slippers with warm winter lining. Handy for outside during these cold winter months.

Put them on hard baby shoes outside

What about soft baby slippers if you also want to practice outside? It is indeed not ideal to walk outside with soft baby shoes. Then choose baby slippers with a hard sole. This is to prevent them from getting hurt against hard objects or curbs. Practicing indoors with soft slippers is definitely preferable in the beginning!

Here you will find a collection of baby shoes that fully meet all the conditions to successfully practice the first steps with your child. Have fun!

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