AZ rioters attack relatives West Ham

Rioters have made AZ’s sad European evening even sadder. After the final whistle, AZ fans broke through a fence and stormed the main stand where English supporters were sitting. There were also many relatives and friends of the West Ham United selection.

AZ supporters break through the fence on their way to the main stand with West Ham fans

The AZ rioters sought confrontation with West Ham fans. This happened immediately after the game between the two clubs in the semi-finals of the Conference League. AZ lost 1-0 and therefore missed the final.

The fans were behind AZ’s goal and broke through a fence. Then they ran to the British fans who cheered that their club had made it to the final. Police and stewards were quickly on the scene to prevent further confrontation.

Last week, AZ lost the away match in London 2-1. Relatives of players and members of AZ’s technical staff were then attacked in the first half when they cheered for a goal for their club.

Is it getting worse with fan violence in the Netherlands?

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