Arne Slot speaks in the dressing room after Ajax-out (VIDEO)

Feyenoord has released images of the dressing room speech after the 2-3 victory over Ajax. The message from trainer Arne Slot was clear: The players could enjoy the victory over their arch-rival, but they had to stay focused on the bigger goal. And that was the national title.

“The reason we are where we are is that you give everything every day,” Slot said in English to his group of players. “That’s why you were able to beat this team in its own stadium, without our fans. Now you go to your national teams. Some of you will play, others will not. But we have to keep fit, guys. It’s just one win.”

“It’s an important win, but no more than that. We have a bigger goal this season than winning in Amsterdam for the first time in seventeen years. So take good care of your body. Make sure you arrive fit and as soon as possible at the club so that we can make the last two months of the season even more special than you already have.”

Slot did not want his players and Feyenoord as a whole to spread the victory too broadly on social media. “We’re not going to play small with taking pictures and stuff like that. It is only a victory in Amsterdam. So enjoy the win because is a big one, but take that obligation to the national team. We need you fit when you get back so we can make the season really special.”

Slot received loud applause from his players after the speech. There was of course nothing wrong with the speech itself, but supporters of Feyenoord do wonder how smart it is to showcase Slot in this way. Slot shows in the video that he can express himself well in English and there is always a chance that English media will also highlight the video.

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