Are Emma Heesters and Wesley Hoedt secretly still together?

It has been a while since Emma Heesters and Wesley Hoedt broke up. There were rumors that Wesley was going to have an affair. Shortly afterwards, Emma announced via Instagram that she had put an end to the relationship. But what fans notice is that he was present at her performance last week. Will the two secretly still be together?

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Emma Heesters and Wesley Hoedt

The two met through Instagram. Wesley sent Emma a message, she responded and that’s how they got to talking. Unfortunately, the couple broke up after three years. Emma announced this two months ago via Instagram. “My heart is broken, but I will never forget the good times with Wesley. We’ve been through so many beautiful things together,” she wrote in the caption. But, the two are according gossip together again.

Spotted together

Despite the fact that Emma has announced that she has put an end to the relationship, people have doubts about the breakup. According to gossip channel @juicechannel_, Wesley was spotted last week, on Ascension Day, at a performance by the singer. “Emma had a performance on Ascension Day and you know who was there. Wesley Sneijder, but also her own Wesley was present. He is wearing the orange vest in the picture. So as we said, they are still one hundred percent together,” the channel writes on Instagram.

Emma herself does not keep it a secret that she is back together with Wesley. She shared a video of her new single on TikTok. In the video she writes “When he only talks about football on your date.” In the comments, many people think the TikTok is about Wesley. Do you think the two will still be together in secret?

@emmaheesters 🥴 #hjb #newmusic ♬ Love Your B** (Feat. Maks) – Emma Heesters
Emma Heesters and Wesley Hoedt
Source: @juicechannel_

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