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Ampere recently presented the 192-core Ampere One processor. This processor is the first high-performance data center processor for cloud applications that the chip manufacturer has designed itself.

Where Ampere used to base its processors on Arm designs, such as the Altra processors, the Ampere One is the first processor according to its own design. According to the chip manufacturer, it was time to design a processor that was especially suitable for better (cloud) performance, scalability and efficiency. In short, a data center processor especially for cloud applications.


The now developed range of Ampere One processors has no less than 192 cores, with each core getting 2Mb of L2 private cache. In addition, the processor has features such as the same access to memory bandwidth, more detailed power management, process aging monitoring and various security features.

In terms of I/O, the now-released processor is Ampere’s first to support DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. This lags behind the processors of competitors that have been supporting these standards for some time.

Competition follows

It is not known when the Ampere One will be available. The other major chip manufacturers are now also working on processors with more cores, The Register writes.

The AMD Bergamo processor with 128 cores is expected to be introduced next month. A month later, the Intel Sierra Forest Xeon processor would probably follow. These suppliers also want to further curb the rise of Arm-based processors.

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