Activity book for adults – the perfect summer entertainment!

As a child I was always crazy about activity books. Now that I’m an adult, I often even find it a bit sad that these are no longer available for people my age. But apparently I thought wrong, because there is just a do book for adults! And I already have these separately for the summer holidays…

Activity book for adults

The one and only activity book for adults

Doeboek vol.2 is a holiday doeboek especially for adults. Puzzles and riddles to rustle your mind and reforest your brain. Learn while you entertain yourself and entertain yourself while you learn.

That is the description of the ‘Doeboek for adults Vol.2’ (because apparently a first part had already been published). The book was created by a journalist and real knowledge champion Daniel López Valle (and you can tell by the level and originality of the assignments) and his partner Cristóbal Fortúnez, who made the fantastic illustrations for this activity book for adults. More than 200,000 copies of the Spanish-language edition have now been sold. You can find 150 exercises and assignments in this book, which should guarantee 120 hours of puzzle fun. So get your pencil out of the closet!


For all adults who want to be a child for a while

This was what I had to miss all these years! When I was still in primary school, twice a year I really looked forward to that moment when you got the doeboek home. At that time I had a subscription to a well-known school magazine, and it was a party twice a year! Other children looked enviously at my activity book. As I walked home, the book burned in my hands, because how I wanted to start it! Of course I didn’t, I saved it for the holidays. Now that I have children of my own, I see that they also regularly have a do-it-yourself book or fun puzzle book. Then I’m almost so excited that I want to go through those assignments with them myself. How nice it would be to have an activity book for adults! And now this one is here.

Once again it lies here staring at me from the table. It calls out to me, ‘Pick up a pen and fill me in!’ But I’m still going to leave it there until it’s really vacation. Of course I’ve been secretly reading a few things in it. Because well… I must of course be able to make a good review. The fact that my husband shouts that I can’t secretly start yet, I therefore put that argument aside. I won’t have any head start at all when making these puzzles when we get to work with the family, this is simply indispensable research!

The coolest activity book for adults you can think of

So why does this book grab my attention? It just looks so cool that you HAVE to get started with it. This is primarily due to the great drawings. A bit cartoonish, many famous people and a wonderful use of color.

The puzzles are extremely challenging. Don’t think of an ordinary crossword puzzle or sudoku, but this is really a book to crack your brain. In a fun way, yes. There is also a list of icons at the front of the book. So you have the following puzzles (and I take the text literally from the book, then you will notice that it is also very funny):

  • Green: light brain training.
  • Yellow: moderate-intensity brain exercises. Mild neural overheating.
  • Red: heavy brain gymnastics. Neural boiling point.
  • Genius Exterminators: High-intensity cerebral experience, only for extremely highly trained ghouls.
  • A bowl of olives: especially recommended for groups.
  • WC: Perfect for the seclusion and mental focus that only a WC can provide.
  • Remember: things we like to think back on.

I was especially curious about the puzzles with the symbol of a bowl of olives and the toilet puzzles!

David Hasselhoff

A book with a bit of everything

The activity book for adults is really packed. Think of entertainment, logic games, letter puzzles, mazes, quizzes and crossword puzzles. But all with a playful twist.
For example, you have to discover which jellyfish stung David Hasselhoff, match your heroes and their nemesis and complete a crossword puzzle where you have to cross out band names that are only represented with emojis.
Or you discover how dogs bark in all kinds of languages, you have to free yourself from a mega maze on a festival site (and may not end up with the dixies) and refresh your knowledge about the chemical symbols and elements.

You puzzle over plagiarism cases in music history, have to recognize well-known engines from films and have to recognize Netflix series by means of a print on a t-shirt.
You will find this and much more in ‘Doeboek voor adulten vol.2’. You can’t think of it that crazy (and that’s not just a statement, because I really couldn’t think of it that crazy).
We always go on holiday with the family during the summer holidays and so I put this book aside with a lot of effort to start making it. But the image of David Hasselhoff being attacked by a jellyfish won’t leave me, so it’s just a little longer. And then I’m sure we will all have a great time together!

activity book for adults

Specifications ‘Do book for adults Vol.2’

Author: Daniel Lopez Valle | Illustrations: Cristóbal Fortúnez | Translation: Publisher MUS | Publisher: Publisher MUS | 9789045327457 | May 15, 2023 | 96 pages | more information at your local bookstore or via

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