7x sports with your mind

You can learn to experience sports in a different, more holistic way with these tips from Angélique Heijligers. This way you also turn your workout into an inner workout. This is an article from the WENDY Body & Mind Special where you can read even more tips and stories about sports and your health.

1. Start with an intention

You made the appointment with yourself to work out and now you’re in the gym, park or CrossFit box, so you can check your workout off your to-do list. But what is really the purpose of the workout you are going to do right now? Being aware of this is a first, very important step in being consciously present in your workout. Motivation, technique, effectiveness, everything improves when you have a clear idea of ​​what you expect from your workout. Think about your intention and focus on it during your workout.

2. Focus on your breathing

Focusing on your breath connects you directly to your body, your workout and the now. Our breathing is also one of the easiest pathways to our central nervous system.

3. Less tech, more feeling

Your phone, smartwatch, the TV screen on your cardio machine, turn them all off. Only when the noise of notifications or fleeing in a TV series disappears, do you pick up the signals from your body. This starts the process of self-observation and learning to trust your feelings.

4. Attention to technology

Do you notice that your mind goes in all directions during your workout? Then breathing and technique are two factors that you can focus on. This helps you to focus better. You will also notice that the technical mastery of a movement not only determines the result of a training, but that this also brings a flow during exercise.

5. Listen to your body

During exercise, stay alert to what your body is telling you. Can you train a little heavier or is something lighter more convenient? Is your body tired and is it better to do a quiet session instead of a boot camp? Do you notice pain anywhere? Then pay conscious attention to that.

6. Try more body neutral to be

Perhaps your efforts are not translating into external changes and you find this frustrating. The human body is complex. Maybe your workout routine isn’t producing the results it used to as you get older. Therefore, try to be more body neutral in life, because a body in which you feel fit and comfortable comes in all shapes and sizes. Accept your body as it is.

7. Bring your confidence

Sports can be empowering. Flipping a tractor tire, sprinting faster than you expected, or boxing can do a lot for your self-confidence, and that will have an effect on other areas of your life. Greater self-esteem can change a lot for you.

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